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Optimize Your Work Van for Efficiency and Safety

CPW Truck Stuff prioritizes the well-being and productivity of your contracting crews. By strategically equipping your work vans, we can minimize the risk of injuries and maximize efficiency.

Key Considerations:

  • Accessibility: Reduce the need for constant van access by creating an itemized list of frequently used tools. Store these high-priority items in shelving units or drawers close to the doors for easy retrieval from outside the van.
  • Ladder Safety: Roof racks can be a hazard for retrieving heavy ladders. We recommend installing drop-down ladder racks for safe and effortless access.

Upfitting Solutions for Contractors:

Our team of specialists can design a custom upfitting solution specifically tailored to your trade, be it plumbing, HVAC, or electrical work. Here are some options we can incorporate:

  • Shelving units and drawers in various configurations for organized tool storage.
  • Ladder racks, including drop-down styles for safe and easy ladder retrieval.
  • Roof racks for additional cargo capacity.
  • Workbench/table for creating a dedicated workspace within the van.
  • Floor liners for easy cleaning and to protect the van's interior.
  • Cargo partitionsto separate the cargo area from the passenger compartment and secure equipment.
  • Power inverterto provide power for electronic devices like laptops and chargers.

Collaboration is Key

For an ergonomic and efficient work environment, we recommend:

      • Early Collaboration:Working with us early in the upfitting process allows for a smoother experience and optimized results.
      • Driver Input:Consulting with your drivers regarding their specific needs is crucial for maximizing comfort and functionality.

Driver Training:
    Upon vehicle delivery, we recommend a comprehensive walkthrough and training session for your drivers. This ensures they understand the rationale behind the upfitting choices and how to safely use the equipment.

Investing in Efficiency

While upfitting your work vans requires an initial investment, the return is significant. By prioritizing safety and organization, you can expect:

  • Reduced Injury Risk:Ergonomic upfitting minimizes the risk of back strain and other injuries.
  • Enhanced Productivity:Easy access to tools and equipment keeps your crew working efficiently.
  • Improved Morale:A comfortable and well-equipped work environment boosts employee satisfaction.

Ready to Upfit Your Fleet?

Contact CPW Truck Stuff today! We're passionate about creating custom work vans and trucks that empower contractors in the Chicagoland area to succeed.

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