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Performance Exhaust Installation Near Me

Have you been looking into adding a custom performance truck exhaust system to your vehicle? Well, it’s not really a bad idea because your stock exhaust system simply cannot give you that extra boost or roar you desire.

Nowadays most people will start with a quick Google search on “custom exhaust shop near me” or “diesel performance installers exhaust near me” or something close to that which will bring up multiple results.

However, most of these will be your Meineke, Midas, Pep Boys or some other national chain. Now there is nothing wrong with getting your stock exhaust replaced with these companies.

But when you require installation from real experts you’ll have to search a little harder. Many vehicles these days are specifically designed to be quiet and to provide a relaxing and comfortable ride. However, not everyone’s is looking for such a docile existence. Some people want a beast!

If you want your ride to sound as monstrous as it looks then you almost need to install a custom exhaust for your truck. For a couple hundred dollars, you can have people turning their heads as you rumble past, or upgrade to some top of the line accessories and really make a scene when you come screaming past.

By adding a custom performance truck exhaust system you’ll not only change the sound of your truck and give it an instant shot of testosterone. You’ll also instantly see a dramatic change in the lackluster performance you’ve grown accustomed to.

Expert Exhaust Installation

Borla Aftermarket Custom Exhaust Installation Near Me

We can take your rig from Simba to Mufasa and make you the king of the Chicagoland urban jungle. A quick performance truck exhaust installation will also increase the amount of torque you have to work with, and it will add to your truck’s overall abilities.

By installing a new exhaust system, you will see an increase in horsepower and torque. Additionally, you may also see your fuel mileage increase, and your exhaust gas temperatures decrease.

A popular brand of exhaust we use is MBRP. MBPR performance truck exhausts come in two types of stainless steel the T304 and the T409. The advantage of the T304 stainless steel is it will not oxidize or rust but may develop a golden color when exposed to high heat over time.

The T409 stainless steel has more ferrous material than 304 and will most likely show surface oxidization after some time. Especially when exposed to road salt, which we get tons of here in Chicago. This oxidization can be prevented by applying a stainless-steel cleanser with a scouring pad.

For those of you concerned about long-term appearance we recommend you invest in the 304 stainless. If you are more price sensitive, we suggest you go with the 409. It’s more durable than aluminized steel, but without the high price tag.

Most diesel exhaust systems will fit with factory installed trailer hitches and most aftermarket hitches too. You may run into obstruction problems if you have a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch installed. If you are utilizing one of those hitches, we will suggest installing a single system and not dual exhausts.


Borla S-Type Performance Exhaust Installation Chicago

Additionally, for dually trucks exhaust tips should be added to extend the exhaust and prevent any discoloration. Below are the different types of custom performance exhausts on the market today.

We carry some of the top truck exhaust brands including MBRP, Flowmaster, Borla, Magnaflow, Gibson, and Banks. Stop by our exhaust store today and let us make your truck roar like a lion!!!

Exhaust Types Available

Axle-Back Exhaust:

This is the most cost-effective selection for those on a tight budget or primarily only looking for better sound or looks. These types of systems typically only replace the mufflers after the rear axle, thus given the name “axle-back”. Several exhaust brands supply Axle-Back options including Air Flow Engineering, Borla, Flowmaster, and Magnaflow,

Cat-Back Exhaust:

This is certainly the most popular choice for upgrading your exhaust system. This type of exhaust system includes different mufflers like an Axle-Back system. However, they also include bigger diameter exhaust tubing and span the length of the exhaust system after the catalytic converters, hence the term “Cat-Back”.

This style of exhaust system is more expensive but offers noticeable performance improvements as well as an enhancement in sound and look. Even wider assortments of Cat-Back systems are available on the market than Axle-back designs.

Turbo-Back Exhaust:

Turbo back exhaust is restricted to turbocharged cars. This sort of exhaust system pairs a typical “cat back” system with a High-Flow Downpipe, which essentially replaces the entire exhaust system after the turbocharger. Turbo-back exhaust systems will deliver the highest power and torque gains as well as the improvement in looks and sound.

Some customers have chosen to integrate a downpipe upgrade with a cat-back exhaust system as separate items allowing them to tailor their exhaust system to their tastes rather than purchase a standard complete turbo package.

Headers aka Exhaust Manifolds:

Headers, as they are frequently called, are just the exhaust manifolds but when referred to as “headers” they usually mean a high-performance exhaust manifold.

They can be manufactured out of different materials like cast iron, cast aluminum, or 304 Stainless Steel. Your exhaust manifold is connected to the exhaust ports on the Cylinder Head of the engine and directs the exhaust gases out of the engine and guides them into the exhaust pipe at the outlet of the headers.

Headers offer performance increases by leveling out the flow of exhaust gases out of the engine. This allows the engine to operate more efficiently, and therefore produce more power.

High-Flow Catalytic Converters:

The catalytic converter on your truck is designed with cost and emissions control in mind, rather than performance. This is why High Flow Catalytic converters are such an attractive option.

These performance catalysts still filter your exhaust but are designed with flow and performance in mind. This results in power and torque gains and enhanced throttle response without removing the cat completely. High flow cats are popular for both forced induction and naturally aspirated applications. Vehicle manufacturers are offering the High Flow Catalyst option as the emission control systems become more complex.

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