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Looking for professional Tonneau Cover Installation? Look no further!There are many places to buy truck bed covers online and they dominate Google.

Most for searches like “Tonneau Cover installation near me” and “Truck Bed Covers near me” but what if you want to actually see what you’re getting before you buy? You come see us.

A good Tonneau cover installation is almost a necessity if you live in Chicago. Honestly, a Tonneau cover is necessary truck accessory to have item if you park on the street and store items in your truck bed. Most thieves targeting pickup trucks look for the quick snatch and grab crimes of opportunity.

Most Truck Bed Covers Installed While You Wait

Retrax Tonneau Truck Bed Covers For Sale Near Me

There are several different types of Tonneau covers to choose from. Most Tonneau covers installations are relatively easy and can be installed with common hand tools; however, some models of Tonneau covers do require a little more skill to install.

In addition, if you are adding, bed rails, under Tonneau cover lighting,bed liners, storage systems or other common accessories it’s a good idea to get it professionally installed. Sometimes slight modifications need to be made to accommodate the combining of truck accessories and a good shop with be able to install everything correctly.

Also, most installers will cut you a deal for buying multiple items. For example, we have a combo price if you get a Tonneau cover andbedrug liner together. One somewhat enjoyable problem with Tonneau covers is with so many brands and options to choose from selecting the right Tonneau cover can be a little frustrating.

Especially if you’re only searching online and don’t have the luxury of visiting a showroom to see, touch, and feel the different types of Tonneau covers in person. Moreover, with visiting a showroom there is the added benefit of speaking with someone knowledgeable that can assist in selecting the perfect Tonneau cover for you.

Expert Tonneau Cover Installation

Undercover Hard Tonneau Cover Installation Near Me

So what are the benefits to adding a Tonneau cover to your pickup truck? Well for one they make your truck look more stylish and add more functionality. Instead of lugging your tools or whatever in and out every night you can sleep easily knowing your personal belongings are safe.

Next, a Tonneau cover will reduce your gas mileage by streamlining the aerodynamics of your pickup truck. A pickup truck without a Tonneau cover is like having a giant parachute hanging off your bumper. Every time you take off from the light or cruise down the highway, you’re losing gas and wasting money.

If you consider the added fuel savings gained from adding Tonneau cover, they will pay for themselves in a year or so depending on how much you drive your truck. We carry several brands of tonneau covers including AMP Research, Raptor, Bak, ICI, Promaxx, Stampede, Extang, Deezee and more. Complement the look of your truck and improve your gas mileage with a new tonneau cover today!



Hard Tri-fold tonneau cover installation near me

Snap Style Tonneau Covers:

One of the oldest tonneau cover styles, a snap cover sits on a frame which mounts atop the rails and tailgate of your truck bed.

The snaps used to secure the cover in place can be made with a variety of materials, from steel to nylon. Exclusively available as a soft cover, snap covers provide good weather protection at an affordable price.

Roll-Up Style Tonneau Covers:

Another type of cover is the roll-up cover. These aerodynamic covers are made of vinyl—often marine-grade vinyl, which scratch-resistant and very durable—and, as such, they can easily be folded away when not in use.

It takes seconds to pull them aside to give you access to the truck; you won’t need to remove them to access your cargo. They’re generally simple to both install and remove. As for closing mechanisms, they offer various means of doing so: they have to use snaps, clips, or latches.

One-Piece Folding Tonneau Covers:

Found in both hard and soft designs, a one-piece folding cover comes as a fully assembled unit with the panels and rails integrated into a single unit. The cover is usually divided into three segments, prompting them to be called tri-fold covers.

This style of tonneau cover is perhaps the easiest to install, attaching with hand-tightened clamps in as few as five minutes. This cover usually folds back twice and secures on top of the rear panel to provide space for hauling larger items. To access your entire bed, the cover will need to be removed.

Folding Tonneau Covers:

Folding covers allow you to access all the contents of your truck bed at record speed. They’re easy to install and remove, but their forte lies in protecting your stuff against the elements and harsh weather conditions.

These covers come in the soft form—made from vinyl that’s solid but which remains easy to manipulate—and the hard form, in which the construction is strong panels made of aluminum.

Hard-folding covers can carry several hundred pounds of weight at once—up to 400 pounds, in some cases. Folding covers often come in the tri-fold form (i.e., they have 3 folding sections).

Hinged Tonneau Covers:

Hinged tonneau covers are those which function by (you guessed it) hinges. They will keep thieves at bay, on account of both their hinges and because their over-the-tailgate design ensures safer usage.

All the while they’re protecting you, they’re also providing you with solid, durable builds and aesthetic appeal, thanks to their contours, low-profile spoilers, and stylized ribs. They also are painted at the factory, with the result that they’ll be the same color as the body of your truck.

You can install and remove them from your truck within minutes. Although most hinged covers are hard, some have a soft design which allows for easier manipulation.

Retractable Tonneau Covers:

These are hard, but you can retract them to access your stuff with no problems. You can access the entire bed, and you can even do so with one hand. They can sit inside and outside the rails of your truck bed, although the former provides you with a much more convenient fit.

Retractable tonneau covers work efficiently, and their design is aerodynamic as well. They’re made of aluminum, which is strong yet lightweight at the same time. These covers are stored in a kind of canister form when you don’t need them; the canister needs to be cleaned often and is stored at the front end of your truck bed. Many models also feature a lock and key, for additional security.

Toolbox Tonneau Covers:

The next type of cover we’ll talk about today is known as toolbox cover. This term refers to covers which are designed so that they’re shorter than your truck bed; the extra room allows you to place a toolbox over the rail (hence the name). Some such covers even already include a toolbox directly built into the cover.

Low Profile Tonneau Installation:

The last type of cover that’s become very popular lately is known as the low profile tonneau cover installation. This term refers to covers which are designed to sit lower on your truck bed than traditional tonneau covers. One model we love is the LOMAX model by Agricover.

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