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Are you looking to get a professional tire alignment for your oversized off-road tires or lifted truck? Look no further, because we are the experts when it comes to alignments for vehicles with lifted suspensions and aftermarket tires.

Having the proper tire alignment is critical for vehicles with lifted kits or oversized off-road tires. Improper alignment can lead to abnormal and accelerated tire wear, poor handling, increased fuel consumption, and even safety issues. That's why it's so important to have these specialty alignments performed by experienced technicians.

At our shop, we have the specialized knowledge and equipment to handle alignments on a wide range of lifted trucks, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles. Our team understands the unique geometry and considerations required to properly align these modified setups.

Some key things we assess and adjust during a lifted/oversized tire alignment include:

  • Caster - The forward/backward tilt of the steering axis. Crucial for proper steering feel and stability.
  • Camber - The inward/outward tilt of the tire. Important for even tire wear and cornering grip.
  • Toe - The angle at which the tires are pointed relative to each other. Affects straight-line tracking.
  • Thrust Angle - The alignment of the rear axle relative to the front. Ensures the vehicle tracks straight.

By meticulously calibrating these alignment parameters, we can optimize the handling, drivability, and tire life for your lifted or off-road-focused vehicle. Don't settle for anything less than the best alignment services from the experts.

Lifted Truck & Jeep Alignments

Professional Quality Pickup Truck And Jeep Wheel Tire Alignment In Chicago

The image below illustrates the consequences of getting a lift kit installed without also getting a proper post-installation alignment.

The tire on the left is from the rear axle, while the tire on the right is from the front. This customer had purchased a truck that already had a lift kit installed, but the workmanship and alignment was clearly subpar.

When a vehicle is lifted, whether through aftermarket suspension components or a pre-installed lift kit, the vehicle's alignment parameters are drastically altered. Things like camber, caster, and toe need to be meticulously calibrated to ensure proper handling, stability, and tire wear.

Without a proper alignment, the negative effects can be severe. As shown in the image, the front tire exhibits significant inner edge wear, while the rear tire is wearing unevenly across the tread face. This uneven, accelerated tire wear is a telltale sign of improper alignment.

Driving a lifted vehicle in this misaligned state can be extremely dangerous. The poor handling characteristics and unpredictable steering make the vehicle unstable and difficult to control, especially at higher speeds or in emergency maneuvers. It also significantly reduces the vehicle's safety and braking performance.

Moral of the story - never skip the alignment when installing a lift kit or other suspension modifications. Investing in a quality alignment service from experienced technicians is crucial to ensure your lifted rig handles properly and your expensive off-road tires last as long as possible. Don't compromise safety and performance - get it aligned right.

What happens if you get a lift kit installed without getting an alignment


  1. Customers who get a lift kit, wheels, or tires installed at CPW receive a discounted alignment price of $120.
  2. For standard, non-lifted vehicles, the alignment service costs $130.
  3. For lifted trucks, the alignment service is priced at $170. This higher price includes a thorough inspection of the installed lift kit as part of the alignment process.

The differentiated pricing structure reflects the increased complexity and specialized expertise required to properly align lifted vehicles compared to standard setups.

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