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Dumperdogg Pickup Truck Landscaping Dump Insert Near Me

Have you ever thought about getting a dump insert? If not let me tell you, they are awesome. Turn your average pickup truck into a dump truck and save tons of money in the process. Of course, these dump bed inserts won’t replace the full capabilities of a traditional dump truck, but for the cost and the flexibility, a dump insert will give you a pretty solid investment.

These dump inserts are perfect for landscaping, tree removal, construction, mulching, hauling gravel, snow removal or stone and even manure.

Every customer we’ve installed a dump insert for has either come back to get another installed or has only great things to say about their dump insert. Many people like to try and find a used dump insert for sale which isn’t a bad idea, just make sure you’ve actually seen it work or have inspected it first. Replacing the hydraulic pump or cylinder doesn’t necessarily cost a lot, but it is a hassle if you go blind.

We currently sell three brands of pickup bed dump inserts. We have Dumperdogg by Buyers, Truck Craft and Meyer dump inserts. The Dumperdogg comes in steel, stainless steel, and poly and they have 6ft and 8ft models available. The Truckcraft dump inserts come in steel or aluminum. The aluminum costs much more, however, the aluminum weighs less and won’t rust like regular mild steel.

Another great option, especially for flatbed trucks, is a dump conversion kit. They take a little more work to install but allow for extra capacity too.

Dumperdogg Installation Near Me
Stainless Dumperdogg
Dumperdogg installation chicago
Dumper dogg side view
Dumper dogg rear view
Buyers Dumper Dogg Installation
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2 Ton Dump Kits

  • Includes hardware, electrical connections, hydraulic connections and Bucher hydraulic pump.
  • Convert your existing work truck into a dump truck with our hidden dump bed kit.
  • 45 degree dump angle.

5 Ton and 7.5 Ton Dump Bed Kits

  • Kits for lifting lift 10′ to 12′ flat bed applications.
  • Installation level required: experienced; 1-2 day install
  • Includes hardware, Bucher 12V pumps, hydraulic parts, electrical parts, Chief cylinder, safety prop and grease zerks.
  • Our goal is to offer a product with little to no maintenance at the very best price.

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