Fuel Transfer Tank Installation

Auxiliary Fuel Transfer Tank Installation

Aluminum Fuel Transfer Tanks Installation Chicago


Auxiliary fuel tanks are an essential upgrade, especially for contractors, those using skid-steer loaders or other heavy equipment, or anyone regularly working in remote, rural areas. These supplemental in-bed fuel tanks provide extended range and added refueling capacity beyond what your vehicle's factory fuel tank can accommodate.

The benefits of installing an auxiliary fuel tank include:

  • Increased fuel capacity for extended jobsite operations or off-grid adventures
  • Ability to refuel machinery, generators, and other equipment directly from the auxiliary tank
  • Improved productivity and reduced downtime from fewer refueling stops
  • Enhanced safety by eliminating the need to transport additional fuel containers

At our facility, we install auxiliary fuel tanks that meet all DOT requirements for safety and compliance. While many customers can benefit from a standard, off-the-shelf transfer tank setup, we also offer custom tank design and fabrication services if your specific needs call for a more specialized solution.

Our experienced technicians have extensive knowledge of auxiliary fuel tank systems and can help you determine the ideal tank size, material (commonly aluminum), and configuration to suit your vehicle, equipment, and application. We ensure a proper, secure installation that integrates seamlessly with your existing fuel system.

Whether you need a simple slip-in auxiliary tank or a fully customized setup, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss how an auxiliary fuel tank can enhance the capability, efficiency, and productivity of your work truck, fleet, or heavy machinery.

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