Mud Flaps


Mud flaps or splash guards , as they as commonly called, shield your truck and other vehicles on the roadway from debris flung in the air as a result of road grime and the rotation of your vehicle’s tires.

On a daily basis, your truck’s tires are continuously in contact with the roadway and an extended list of materials ranging from filthy, muddy water to thick black tar.

Now, fender wells are the main defense against splashing.

However, they need some additional help and since your fender wells can’t extend down behind the tires, debris may still be thrown about.

This can result in blinding other drivers or damaging the vehicles behind you without adding splash guards.

Together mud flaps, fender flares, and wheel well covers attempt to contain and minimize the physical and aesthetic damage to your rig and prevent accidents of vehicles behind you.

In states like Ohio and Texas there are state laws that require the use of mud flaps, however, there is not a standard for mud flaps at the federal level.

Some individuals think flaps are not needed, but for those who live in will rainy, snowy, and sandy climates or if you travel on many gravel roads will see the benefits.

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Here in Illinois, the law states law “No person may operate a vehicle, except a truck-tractor, outside of an urban area unless the vehicle is equipped with rear fender splash guards of either the contour or flap type that are attached to prevent the splashing of mud or water upon the windshield or other motor vehicles.”

Mud flaps are more than just a way to keep your truck cleaner or keep the cops off your bumper. In fact, some flaps like the Mud Flap Girl have become iconic symbols of the American automotive culture.

Mud flaps have evolved from a purely functional truck accessory and now are a chance to show off your unique style and personality while on the highways.

You will also find these branded types of flaps on commercial vehicles all the time.

Unfortunately, when those work trucks enter the highway many times they are guilty of spreading the gravel, mud, and dirt they’ve collected while landscaping or on the construction site.

This muddy mess then ends us caked up in the roadway and hitting this road debris can adversely affect your truck.

Types of Mud Flaps

Universal Flaps – Universal fitting flaps can effortlessly fasten to most vehicles of a precise class or size.

Normally, the universal flaps are applicable for larger commercial trucks. However, this universality doesn’t mean that all of these types of mud flaps look identical.

You can choose from distinctive models and styles as well as several different lengths and widths to create the perfect customized look or to accommodate truck with dual wheels.

Custom Molded Flaps – The converse of the universal mud flap is the custom molded flap.

These types of flaps are engineered to fit your specific vehicle’s make, model, and even the trim package.

Dealers upon purchase mount most custom mud flaps.

If your truck didn’t come equipped with splash guards or you want to upgrade to a better aftermarket solution.

Getting this precise fit often comes with a higher price tag; however, most of them are no-drill and can be installed at home.

No-Drill Flaps – Because numerous consumers choose to install mud flaps as an aftermarket modification.

They are also cautious of the damage they could result if the traditional installation goes wrong.

Using no-drill mud flaps eliminates the need to drill into your trucks wheel well.

Instead, no-drill mud flaps have pre-drilled holes that line up with your trucks existing holes and look natural.

Brush Guard Flaps – Brush guard mud flaps are used mostly when towing a trailer, boat or RV.

The extended brush guard is designed specifically to span the full width of your vehicle to protect whatever it is you’re towing from damaging road debris.

Kickback Flaps – (Lifted Trucks)

Kickback or lifted truck flaps are specially fabricated for trucks with oversized monster tires.

One popular brand of kickback flaps that we recommend is made by Husky Liners.

These kickback flaps have an 18 gauge steel bracket that offsets the mud flap back and can accommodate your massive tires.

These are available in polished stainless or matte black finish with the stainless steel or black weights already attached.

Husky Liner’s kickback splash guards are constructed from a heavy-duty AntiSpray substance that will assist in preventing filth and mud off your beautifully lifted truck.

The Husky kickbacks install easily, however, some drilling may be required.

Stop by today and we can professionally install your flaps and get you back on the road quickly.

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