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Bull Bar Installation doesn’t take long, and these useful truck accessories go by many names. In American common names include bull bars, brush guards, deer pushers and cow bumpers.

Conversely, in Canada they are called moose bumpers, and in Australia, they are called appropriately called Kangaroo bars. If you’re hesitant about upgrading to an off-road bumper or bull bar then a a grille guard might be right for you.

So, what exactly is a grill guard? A grill guard is a protective steel framework that extends out in front of your vehicle. Grille guards are available in either a one-piece all welded design or a three-piece bolt together design.

As you can imagine the one-piece welded designs are much stronger structurally than the three-piece bolt together designs. The three-piece designs are less expensive. But for the best protections we recommend the one-piece welded design for rural drivers and off-roading.

How To Decide Which One?

Some of our customers question if adding a grille guard to their truck makes it more dangerous for pedestrians or even passengers in other vehicles if involved in an accident.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that using a bull bar increases the risk of death or serious injury to pedestrians because bull bars are rigid and when in an accident the bull bar will transmit all the force to the pedestrian, unlike a stock bumper, which will absorb some force and crumple.

We recommend using less rigid bull bars if you live in the city and more rugged grill guards if you live in the country where pedestrian’s collisions are less of a concern.

Bull bars usually come in three models, black powder coated, chrome plated steel, or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is probably the most resilient material used for grille guard’s, especially stainless steel that has been highly polished to a chrome finish.

The powder coated and chrome plated steel versions are more susceptible to flaking and chipping, therefore, allowing rust and corrosion.

While the name grille guard suggests that these accessories will protect your vehicle’s grille from damage and they will, there are some other benefits too.

Unfortunately, with so many assorted brands and models of grille guards on the market from the extravagant pure accessory type bars, to the mostly practical it may be hard to narrow down your options.

So what exactly should you look for and which brand and style are right for you?


  • Look for a bull bar that has pre-drilled holes that allow for easy installation of auxiliary led lighting like fog lights or a bull bar with a lightbar already included.
  • Look for a grill guard with removable cage tubing that covers the center section of the headlights. This will allow servicing your truck easier.
  • Look for a bar that has quick release latches. Having this feature will allow you to tilt the grille guard forward to open the engine hood for service.
  • Look for a bull bar with a built-in skid plate if you like off-roading. This added benefit will help reduce damage to your front end while you’re out wheeling.
  • Grille guards are some of the most practical and trendiest truck accessory upgrades you can choose. Your truck will take a beating when off-roading. Adding a grill guard will give your rig an extra layer of protection when it’s needed most.

    Selecting the right bull bar or brush guard can be difficult. Ultimately it boils down to your personal style, location, and the types of recreational things you do in your truck.

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