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Truck Fender Flare Installation Near Me

Jeep Wrangler Fender Flare Installation Near Me

Have you been thinking about getting fender flares? Your fenders are the parts of your truck or Jeep that surround the wheel wells.

The core purpose of your fender is to minimize mud, dirt, and rocks that you’ve collected off-road from being slung all over the highway. However, your stock fenders just aren’t effective anymore once you’ve added some a lift kit or some new rims and tires.

So, what should you do to protect your truck now and other drivers now? Add aftermarket fender flares. Flares or wheel well covers as they are sometimes referred to, become an extension of your fender, and provide your truck extra protection from all the road grime being thrown into the air by your big beefy tires.

Fender flares are fabricated to mount directly over your wheel well and are contoured to follow the exact body lines of your truck or Jeep. Another benefit of adding aftermarket flares is keeping your truck or SUV compliant with the local laws of your state. Being proactive about adding the appropriate flares will reduce your probability of receiving bogus tickets and fines from police.

Now some states and counties are less stick-on fender flares, especially in the Western states, but almost every state requires your fenders to cover your tires. Here in Illinois, you already know we are taxed for everything so just save yourself the hassle. Getting a fender flare installation also enhances the styling of your truck and helps create the unique and exclusive look you’ve been craving.

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Most flares come in black, color code matched to your rig, or ready to paint out of the box. These paintable flares give you the ability to style your truck in various distinctive ways like some of our off-roading customers like to do by adding extra protection like Line-Xed , or Rhino lined fender flares. Besides the paint job, fender flares come in an array of styles from the everyday stock looking flares all the way up to elaborate and expensive flares.

Most flares can utilize the pre-existing factory holes to attach securely to your truck and don’t require cutting or drilling, but like all aftermarket accessories, some adjustments may be necessary to achieve the desired look you want.

Finally, flares also help preserve the resale value of your rig by preventing scratches and dings on your truck’s exterior. By allowing us to install some fender flares on your truck you’ll be protecting your investment.

Not to mention obeying the tire coverage laws and enhancing the aesthetic look of your truck. The benefits of fender flares are abundant, but most customers purchase for one of five reasons:

  • Add styling to a stock truck.
  • Abide by the law if the customer has large tires.
  • Hide rust or body damage around the wheel well.
  • Replace damaged fender flares that came with the truck.
  • Off-roading

Styles of Fender Flares

There are several distinct styles on the market and several brands to choose from as well.

However, they can usually be organized into one of six categories.

  • Fender Trim
  • OEM Style
  • Street Style
  • Extended Style
  • Rivet Pocket Style
  • Cutout Custom

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