Roof & Ladder Racks

Roof Rack Installation

Roof racks are an extremely useful accessory, especially for overlanders or those who love taking long weekend camping trips. Roof racks provide valuable additional storage and cargo space on top of your vehicle, allowing you to transport larger items like kayaks, bikes, luggage, and more.

While a roof rack installation is generally a relatively straightforward process, it's important to note that some racks can be quite heavy and may require two people to safely install them. This helps prevent any potential scratches or damage to your vehicle's paint or finish during the installation.

Some of the top roof rack brands that we frequently install for our customers include:

  • Yakima - A leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable roof racks and cargo accessories. Yakima racks are known for their innovative designs and easy installation.
  • Thule - Another premier brand in the roof rack space, offering a wide range of rack systems, cargo boxes, bike/ski carriers, and more. Thule products are renowned for their premium construction and functionality.
  • Rhino-Rack - An Australian company that makes rugged, versatile roof racks suitable for a variety of vehicles and applications. Rhino-Rack is a popular choice for overlanders and off-road enthusiasts.
  • Curt - A trusted manufacturer that provides cost-effective yet reliable roof rack solutions. Curt racks strike a nice balance between quality and affordability.

No matter which brand you choose, a quality roof rack system can greatly enhance the utility and functionality of your vehicle, making it better equipped for all your adventurous weekend getaways and cargo-hauling needs.

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