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Need a lift gate installation for your truck or van? Well, look no further!

We are the lift gate specialists serving Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

At CPW we can provide lift gate installation for pickup trucks, box trucks, sprinter vans, moving trucks, service body trucks, dump body trucks, step and cargo vans too. 

As experts in lift gate installation, we know which brands and models will be best suited for your specific liftgate application.

We sell and install all the top brands so we have you covered.

If you have a used lift gate we can install or repair that for you too.

Choose from Tommy Gate, Buyers or Waltco lift gates. 

The vast assortment of lift gates available ensure that you can find the right fit for your vehicle, or even find a previously owned vehicle with a lift gate that needs some random repairs.

Adding a truck or van lift gate to your work vehicle can greatly reduce your cargo handling time.

It also allows you to delay the need for specialized equipment, such as a forklift truck or skid steer and gain the ability to load directly onto a loading dock regardless of height slide as many boxes as will fit onto your truck.

But make no mistake liftgates are heavy equipment and require all the safety precautions you would take with any other heavy machinery. 

Cargo van, pickup truck, and box truck lift gates are most often classified by design type. Lift design types include Parallel Arm, Column, Railgate, Cantilever, Tuckunder, and Slider lift gates.

Parallel Arm Lift Gates

A Parallel Arm lift gate is the type of liftgate you’ll most commonly see on pickup trucks, service truck bodies and cargo vans and this is they type we most commonly install as well.

This fairly simple design supports lower lifting capacities with two parallel “arms” attached to both sides of the lifting platform.

Using either two hydraulic cylinders applying force directly to the lifting platform or a single hydraulic cylinder using some version of a cable-pulley system the platform is guided out and away from the liftgate mainframe.

Most if not all lift gates will have a tapered ramp edge to accommodate the use of a dolly and they may come in a one-piece platform design or a two-piece platform design that folds back before being lifted.

Column Lift Gates

Column lifts are “beefier” versions of the railgate style lift gates, supporting some of the highest lifting capacities of any type of hydraulic lift.

Like Railgate lifts, Column Lifts feature “tracks” that install directly onto the vehicle body. From the tracks a folding platform extends and lifts completely vertically.

Column lifts have the advantage of being able to lift to a higher level than the load bed, also known as “above bed travel,” and are therefore preferable for vehicles with bed heights lower than standard dock height.

The disadvantages of column lifts include that the platform is only usually able to operate at a 90° angle from the track, meaning that on uneven surfaces, the lift will not meet the ground properly.

Railgate Lift Gates

Railgate lifts are like the little brother to column lift gates, however, they do not possese the lifting capacities of column lift gates in general.

Most of these lift gates utilize steel rollers that guide the platform vertically within the rail track and are designed to withstand intensive cycling.  

Railgate lifts get their name from the “outrails” which install directly to the vehicle body and serve as the guides for the liftgate platform.

The platforms on railgate lift gates are larger than those of parallel arm lifts.

Like column lifts, fix at a 90° angle from the outrails and only lift completely vertically.

You’ll find these types of lift gates primarily on box trucks because they are ideal for high-cycle applications in any environment and place a priority on function and safety.

Cantilever Lift Gates

The Cantilever lift gates are extremely functional and include various enticing commercial features.

Cantilever lift gates work by a set of rams that are attached to the frame of the cargo van.

These hydraulic cylinders rest on hinges that allow them to change angles as they open or close.

By utilizing the cylinders in sequence, the active platform can either be tilted, raised, and lowered.

The platforms on Cantilever lifts are usually a two-piece, laterally-folding design allowing for access to the rear of the vehicle without operating the lift.

Cantilever lifts have the convenience of being able to tilt, which means they can often form into a ramp which may be more useful for some applications and situations.

It also means that it can be easier to load or unload on uneven ground. 

The large platforms of a Cantilever lift support a large loadable area for busy commercial applications.

For example, Tommygate makes a bolt-on underside mount for their cantilever liftgate and it’s compatible with most modern vans. This bolt on design now eliminates the need for any welding. 

Tuckunder Lift Gates

Tuckunder lift gates are the most popular style of liftgates on the market mainly because of their large platforms and high lifting capacities.

The biggest advantage of a tuckunder lift gate is that the lifting platform can be collapsed and stowed away underneath the bed of the flatbed, van or boxtruck.

A Tuckunder liftgate gives you the option of using, or not using the lift when at a loading dock. Additionally it allows access for you to exit the rear of the vehicle without operating the lift.

Common tuckunder designs are either single- or dual-cylinder, with dual-cylinder designs supporting higher lifting capabilities. 

The Maxon company claims to have invented the first tuckunder lift in 1957 under the brand name Tuk-A-Way.

Conversely Tommygate claims that their TKT model lift gates addresses all the concerns a liftgate operator faces. From self-leveling to power down functionality.

Slider Lift Gates

Slider Lift designs, like tuckunders, are characterized by folding and storing directly underneath the vehicle bed.

However, slider designs feature lifting platforms that “slide” out from underneath the vehicle bed (instead of lowering and unfolding) Slider lift designs support some of the highest lifting capacities of any type of hydraulic lift.

Slider lift gates are great for hauling trucks, moving trucks, food and beverage, as well as nursery vehicles.

Because these gates slide directly under the vehicle, they will not extend the legal length of your truck or trailer making it a great option for 53′ trailers.