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Snow Removal Equipment

If you’re looking for professional snowplow installation near Chicago, look no further! With over 30 years experience selling, servicing and installing Western, Meyer, Fisher, Boss, Snowdogg and Snowex/Blizzard snowplows you can rest assured the installation will be done correctly and on time. We even have drop brackets for lifted trucks running Western & Snowex plows!

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During snowstorms we operate on a first come, first served system for snowplow and salter repairs unless you are already scheduled. 

The cost of snow plow installation varies depending on a few factors like is it a straight-blade plow or V-plow, the size of the plow and if you need other accessories to get the most out of your new snowplow. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer used plows or trade-ins currently, however we always have specials and older equipment that you can purchase at a discount. 

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Snow plow installation and service near me

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