Best Top Rated Jeep Gladiator Accessories 2023

Top 15 Jeep Gladiator Accessories

Best Lifted Jeep Gladiator Accessories For 2023

If you're looking for the best Jeep Gladiator accessories you're in the right place. The Jeep Gladiator is the type of vehicle you either love or hate. I wasn't a fan at first, but eventually I've learned to love the way you can customize them. Check out the top five Jeep Gladiator accessories we've been building here at CPW Truck Stuff. 


The Jeep Gladiator brings together the best of a Jeep and a pickup, but with that comes the need to protect and transport your valuables. Your two best options are a camper shell or for much less a tonneau cover. With both you can add a bike rack but a tonneau will be far less weight. 

Best Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover


A lifted Jeep is a happy Jeep so of course you'll want to add a lift at some point. Your options are slightly limited at this time but a good 1-2 lift or leveling kit seems to be the norm for now. BDS has a 2" inch leveling kit that comes with NX2 gas series or FOX 2.0 performance series IFP shocks. However you can never go wrong keeping it OEM with the Mopar 2" inch lift kit also with FOX shocks. 

Best Lift Kits For Jeep Gladiators



When it comes to wheels and tires everyone's taste is highly unique. However black matte wheels seem to be very popular from 17" up to 22" and Black Rhino is a popular brand. For tires Nitto's are always in high demand, but Fuel Grippers have been big for us too. 

Best Jeep Gladiator Wheels Rims


LED Lights are seriously a dime a dozen nowadays, but don't cheap out too much. Trying to save $100 could could cost you $1000. I can't say which brands are crap, but two good options you can always trust are Oracle and Rigid. Either way new headlights will definitely make you happy and piss other people off! 

     Best Jeep Gladiator LED Headlights Accessories

    5 - BUMPERS 

    A new off-road bumper with a winch is a smart move if you actually plan on going off-roading in your Gladiator. Besides looking awesome when not in use, they have practical value if you want bigger wheels and tires. When you add an LED lightbar the whole look just scream beast. Rugged Ridge Spartacus and Fab Fours Vengeance front bumpers are two solid options. 

    Best Jeep Gladiator Front And Rear Bumper Set

    6 - SIDE STEPS

    After you've added a lift kit and some 20's on 35's you'll definitely want to consider adding some side steps. The best steps available come from AMP Research and Rolling Big Power. The extend and retract when you open the door for a clean look but get functionality. One drawback is in winter with heavy snow and ice you've got to keep them clean or they can jam. If you park indoors it's no issue, but if not be advised. 

    Best Jeep Gladiator AMP Research Automatic Side Step Bars


    Next is an Overland Rack. Hopefully you got your Jeep to actually explore the great outdoors like no other way possible. If so, camping with be a part of your journey. A good overland rack will come in handy many times. Don't forget your extra fuel tanks.


    Adding a mini programmer is moderately priced upgraded. With this powerful yet intuitive programmer module you'll be able to have unmatched controllability over the features your Jeep Gladiator. Works perfect for switching in between common Jeep lover activates like rock crawling, winching or putting on a light show. 


    Jeep Gladiator Mini Programmer



    If you're a speed demon that this upgrade is for you. The Pedal Commander system will eliminate the delay from your Jeep's electronic gas pedal, allowing your Gladiator JT to accelerate faster. You'll see a noticeable difference in performance. Like night and day. 

    Jeep Gladiator Pedal Commander Speed Performance Accessory


    For summer driving or if you live in a place that doesn't get cold add some tube doors. They will both enhance the look of your vehicle and let you connect more with nature. Pretty easy install with no drilling required. These Jeep Gladiator half doors are engineered to fit your OEM hinges and give a smooth factory look. 


    Jeep Gladiator Tube Half Doors



    If you're gonna upgrade the head lights on your Jeep Gladiator, might as well get some new LED tail lights while you're at it. I really like the smoky accent and aesthetic that these lights have. Adding LED tail lights is a quick, easy, and low cost way to transform the back of Jeep Gladiator. 

    LED Tail Lights Fit For Jeep Gladiator

    12. SUNSHADE

    Let the wind blow, but keep the sun out! An Alien Shade sunshade offers protection for the suns rays, while providing an open air Jeep. The Alien Sunshade allows you to fully enjoy your Jeep Gladiator.  What's best is this works with  your factory hard top, soft top or freedom panels. And you don't even need to remove the Alien Shade.

    Best Jeep Gladiator Accessories Sun Shade

    13. SWINGCASE 

    If you hate crawling around your Jeep bed then an Undercover swingcase toolbox might just be for you. This nifty toolbox maintains a 3-inch clearance from the Jeep Gladiator bed and works with 99% of Jeep tonneau covers including soft, hard, folding, and rolling truck bed covers. 

    Jeep Gladiator Undercover Swing Case Toolbox


    This is not the most flashy Jeep Gladiator accessory, however its very useful and perfect for those on a budget. With several colors to choose and priced at only $30 you can make it match your Jeeps style. 

    Jeep Gladiator Bullet Antennea Cool Accessories

    15. FLAG DECAL 

    Another low cost upgrade as opposed to some upgrades on the list. A new decal for your reverse mirror is a cool, inexpensive way to get your Jeep Gladiator some extra edge. I wouldn't recommend if you have eye issues because it will block your view slightly.

     Jeep Gladiator Rear Middle Window American Flag Decal

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