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Pedal Commander In Truck

A Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller that plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. It allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your gas pedal, giving you more control over your acceleration. This can be helpful for improving performance, fuel economy, or safety.

The Pedal Commander has four modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. Each mode offers a different level of throttle sensitivity. Eco mode is designed to improve fuel economy, while Sport+ mode is designed for maximum performance. You can also adjust the sensitivity within each mode, giving you a total of 36 different settings.

The Pedal Commander is easy to install and use. Just plug it into your OBD-II port and turn it on. You can then use the buttons on the device or the mobile app to adjust the settings.

The Pedal Commander is a popular modification for many vehicles. It is a safe and effective way to improve the performance and handling of your car.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Pedal Commander:

  • Improved acceleration and performance
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Better control in slippery or icy conditions
  • Reduced lag time between pressing the gas pedal and the engine responding
  • More customizable driving experience

If you are looking for a way to improve the performance and handling of your vehicle, a Pedal Commander is a great option. It is a safe and effective modification that can be easily installed and used.

PEDAL COMMANDER Performance Part For Cars

Does Pedal Commander Really Work?

"I can't imagine driving without the pedal commander now. it seemed like i had to push the throttle down half way for the truck to even start moving but now with the pedal commander I actually have a fun driving experience. I personally keep mine on sport + because I really like having the power right there. It makes the truck feel like it actually has 278 horsepower. It is a bit pricey but I honestly think its worth it and would recommend it to everyone."

"I installed this and immediately could tell a whopping difference in throttle response. I didn't say anything to my wife about the install, one day she came back from driving the truck and came back asking if i got a tune up or something on the truck.. She said the truck is running really good. LOL."

"I was really frustrated with my 4Runner's power. The Pedal Commander corrects the lazy way the stock computer allows power delivery. Basically, no matter how much you press the stock pedal, the computer is trying to optimize fuel economy. I have found myself in a few scenarios where not having any power when I needed it was really dangerous. I couldn't be happier with this product. I run on City +2 and it feels to me like an older cable-operated throttle body. You know, the way they are supposed to work. My only regret is waiting a year to purchase/install the Pedal Commander."

"Got my Pedal Commander yesterday installed and set up app on phone all in 20 minutes. Then went for a test drive and what an incredible difference it makes. Absolutely amazing throttle response that makes you feel like a new high performance engine installed. Recommend for every application using fly by wire throttle body. 299.99 by far the best improvement I've added on my 2017 F150 3.5 Ecoboost!"

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PEDAL COMMANDER Performance Part For Trucks

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