6 Car Accessories For Road Trips

6 Car Accessories For Road Trips

Winter can be extremely beautiful with all the snow and silent nights, but driving in winter weather is no fun at all. If you live in a state that gets snowstorms then check out this must have list of winter weather driving essentials. 

1 - Car Battery Booster Pack

Nothing sucks worse than a dead battery, especially when its freezing cold. Keeping a jump starter booster pack in your car is an essential for winter driving, but sometimes gets overlooked. Buy now and be ready if your battery decides to crap out. 

2 - Road Emergency Kit

You probably already have some jumper cables and they'll help when its just your battery, but what if you've got a blown tire or other issue. During a storm you might have to wait hours so preparation is key. A nice roadside kit with glass break, first aid, tow rope and other life saving essential is a smart buy! 


3 - Emergency Blanket 

A low cost options that could literally save your life in winter is a emergency thermal blanket. Hypothermia and frostbite don't take long and if you're traveling in rural areas it could be a while before help comes. Increase your chances of surviving with a good thermal blanket in the lifted truck


4 - Hand Warmers

Similar to a thermal blanket, hand warmers will serve the same purpose but with concentrated heat. You lose your most body heat from your head, feet and hands so making sure all those stay warm is a must! 

5 - Emergency Crank Radio 

Nowadays we all love our electronics and go a little stir crazy without our devices, however in an emergency all the Facebooking and Tic Toking could actually save your life, if you've got charge and a signal. Well if you need to stay connected no matter the situation this crank style emergency radio is perfect for you. With five ways to keep a charge, flashlights, and a hookup for your phone you can stay entertained while waiting for rescue. 


6 - Permanent Match 

One of the coolest items on the list is the Survive forever match. Unlike other matches or lighters that can get lost or wet. The permanent match fits conveniently on your keychain and never goes out! A must have for any Jeeper, hiker or even stoner! 


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