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The Best 101 Top Jeep Accessories & Modifications From A to Z for 2024

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Welcome to 101 Best Jeep Accessories and Upgrades for 2024 the presented to you by CPW Truck Stuffsnowplows, but now we're pretty big in truck accessories too. This list of Jeep Wrangler Accessories, Upgrades and Modifications is long and could have been much longer lol! Believe it or not the list started as a Top 25 list!

With that being said this list is intended for beginning to mid-level Jeep owners looking for advice on all the different things you can do to your Jeep. Some are more style than substance and some will put a hurting on your wallet, but all these Jeep accessories have their place. For those of you looking into using your Jeep to actually go wheeling we’ve added a Trail Rating for the upgrades that will help you out on the trails the most.

We compiled this list using data from our installs, information from online forum and groups and verified Jeepers so everything on the list is Jeep Lover approved!

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For any veteran Jeepers that stumble upon this post please chime in and leave a comment.#LoveThyJeep

1 –Air Compressor(Trail Rated – III)

A good Air Compressor can be a very valuable asset when you’re out wheeling. After a long day of hitting the trails you’ll need to re-inflate your tires for street driving, but not all off-road parks have compressors on hand. Even if they do, you’ll most likely find a long line just as you did when getting your park sticker. If you are just starting out a good reasonable priced model is the VIAIR 400P Portable Air Compressor.It has Max Working Pressure of 150 PSI, but your engine must be running when using this model. For those ready to upgrade the ARB CKMA12On-Board High Output Air Compressor is a solid option. An onboard system will drastically reduce your airing up time and get you back home quicker

Jeep Air Compressor ARB CKMA12

2 – Air Intake

If your Jeep feels like it’s choking out when you step on the gas, or you just want a little better performance from your Jeep, adding a Cold Air Intake might be the right modification for you. Some Jeepers will say its unnecessary to swap out your OEM air intake because the gains you will see are not overwhelming, especially if you’re not adding some other performance parts like a performance exhaust. If you do plan to take your Jeep off-roading, especially crossing water, then maybe a snorkel is more up your alley. If your Jeep is street only then a cold air intake is a good choice.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit High Performance

3 – Alternators(Trail Rated III)

An Alternator is one of those parts that just doesn’t concern most drivers until your electrical system takes a crap or you’re stuck somewhere needing a jump. If you have auxiliary lights, a winch (probably your most draining part), an aftermarket stereo, a portable refrigerator and all the other goodies on this list then a heavy-duty alternator might be just right for you. Additionally, if you’ve already upgraded to dual batteries you’ll appreciate an alternator that can keep both batteries fully charged without missing a beat.

Jeep Wrangler Mean-Green MG1388 Premium Alternator: 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L

4 – Bed Liner(Trail Rated – III)

When it comes to protecting the interior of your Jeep you’ve got a few great options, but one thing is clear you should definitely invest in one of them. The most popular options include spray-on Bed Liners like Line-X or roll-on options like Herculiner. You’ve also got drop in floor liners like Weathertech or Husky and finally replacement carpets like Bed Rug and Bedtred. The Bedrug liners

Jeep Wrangler Accessories Bed Rug Liner

5 – Bikini Top(Trail Rated – I)

In the summer nothing is better than a Bikini Top for you Jeep. Riding with the top and doors off is amazing, but when it hits 90+ degrees outside you’ll be glad to have some added shade while the breeze is blowing through your hair. Or just in case Mother Nature decides to send a quick downpour! Nothing is funnier than watching an impromptu Jeep meet under a gas station awning lol! A very popular model from Bestop is the safari model that covers the back seat area so your passengers are just as happy as you. It also protects your gear from the rain. Or another great option is a SpiderWebShade.

Bestop Bikini Top Combo for Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

6 – Body Armor(Trail Rated – III)

Body Armorfor your Jeep is a good mod to make if you actually plan to go rock crawling. If you’re just planning on hit the muddy trails or if your Jeep is a daily driver this might not be the upgrade for you. Body armor can add significant weight to your rig, but it’s worth it to not damage your Jeep’s body. Keep in mind they only protect at slow speeds so if someone smacks into you on the road or you go crazy while someone is holding your beer, they will most likely get damaged. One popular option of body armor that is both stylish and functional is the Smittybilt 76882 XRC Textured Black Armor.

Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt 76882 XRC Textured Black Armor Rear Corner Guards, Pair

7 – Bottle Opener(Trail Rated – IIIII)

Okay maybe this is not a top Jeep accessory but for around $10 bucks a Bottle Opener its one of the cheapest Jeep accessories you’ll ever purchase and that’s a win in my book. If you’re a beach bum or you’re always going to Jeep meets its a cool accessory to have. Perfect if you break down somewhere too. Just remember to have someone hold you beer before you pull off your next escape move. Also, whenever possible choose cans over bottles for two reasons. Less weight to carry around and no worries from broken glass.

Newest License Plate Bottle Opener—LS1Pro, Mounted Accessory fits Jeep Wrangler JK ,TJ

8 – Bumpers(Trail Rated – II)

A Jeep is already an awesome vehicle sitting on the showroom floor, barebones stock, but one complaint I have is OEM Jeep Bumpers. They just look so plain Jane. In fact, most steel aftermarket bumpers made for Jeeps are much higher quality than OEM and you also have endless styles to choose from to suit your needs and style. There are numerous brands and styles to choose from at all different prices points, but getting one with a winch mount already incorporated is a smart move. Also a custom bumper will make your Jeep look badass! Some good brands to look into include Genright,Motobilt,Poison Spyder,JCR,Dirtworx,Rock Hard 4×4,ARB and Metal Cloak.

EAG JK Bumper with Fog Light Housing and Winch Plate Offroad Fit for 07-18 Wrangler JK

9 – Camping Tent(Trail Rated – II)

If you own a Jeep eventually you’ll want to go Camping, it’s just like a natural law or something. When you do decide to actually take your Jeep on a camping trip a good tent is always a must. Now of course you can go the old school route with a regular popup tent on the ground (shout out to my dad!), but why do that when you could be camping in style. I personally like the models built onto the Jeep hood as opposed to the kind that sit on a trailer but both models are better than the cold ground. One popular model is the Smittybilt 2788 Tent Annex or go all out and get a Turtleback Trailer, which if you do you can stop right here they come with everything!

Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt Overlander Roof Tent

10 – Cargo Netting(Trail Rated – I)

If a bikini top is not your style then maybe a Cargo Net suits your fancy better. Cargo nets look cool and also are a good way to keep your dog from jumping out the Jeep. I like the one shown below which is the Smittybilt Black Diamond C.RES Systems.

Jeep Wrangler YJ , Black Smittybilt 521035 C.RES Cargo Restraint System for 1992-95

11 – Cargo Seat Covers

Upgrading your Seat Covers is one of the most common changes you can make inside your Jeep. Now, you can get some regular seat covers, but you own a Jeep so cargo seat covers will come in handy somewhere down the line, trust me, and they look all commando, double win. Two popular models come from Smittybilt and Bartact. The Smittybilt seat covers offer more storage, but the Bartacts cover your seats much better and have a nicer and more snug fit.

Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt 5661024 Tan Front Seat Cover

12 – CB Radio(Trail Rated – IIII)

If your Jeep is for looks then there is no conceivable reason to get a CB Radio unless you either want to talk with truckers or try to fake out some real wheelers at your next meet. If you are using your Jeep for exploring new lands then a CB Radio is a must-have upgrade. Most off road parks have no cell service, I mean nothing, nada, zip. Just think how screwed you’d be if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and your cell phone can’t get a signal? Yeah it could be a much longer weekend than you expected lol! But seriously if you go off-roading get a CB Radio and go wandering with no worries. There are many CB Radios on the market but one popular model that is also affordable is the Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio. Also check out the comparison of CB vs GMRS

Jeep Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel SSB CB Radio

13 – Cooler(Trail Rated – II);

They are almost endless options in the market for Coolers, but for Jeeps there in no better option then the ARB 50-Quart Fridge/Freezer. When the internal temperature of the fridge rises above the digital thermostat’s setting, the compressor activates to cool the contents back down. Additionally this ARB cooler will continue to actively cool your lunch while your Jeep is off, and features an adjustable automatic battery protection system that prevents your battery from getting drained. Step your cooler game up!

Jeep Wrangler ARB 10810602 Portable Fridge Freezer

14 – Cup Holder Mats

Do you need Cup Holder Mats? Probably not, but if looks is your thing they are a cool accent upgrade and only cost about $18 bucks so this will be one of the least expensive mods you’ll ever make.

Jeep Car Cup Holder Coaster, Cup Holder Insert Coaster for Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrangler Compass Renegade Patriot Grand Comander,Anti Slip Car Cup Coaster...

15 – Dash Cam(Trail Rated – II)

Now you might be thinking, “Oh I’ll just mount my GoPro inside and that will work fine. Yes your GoPro will work but for about the same price this dual camera Dash Cam from Vantrue N2 Pro is the bees knees! The Vantrue dash cam comes with infrared night vision,24-hour motion detection parking mode, and loop recording that's automatically recording when your start your ignition. This is a catch everything GoPro.;

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam, 2.5K 1440P Front Dash Cam, Front and Inside Loop Dash Camera

16 – Dash Top Storage(Trail Rated – I)

Need a little extra storage in your Jeep? Maybe a Dashboard Storage Box is right for you. Now this won’t give you tons of extra space but it is a cool option if you always have things flying around. The price tag of $40 seems a little high, but that’s up to you to decide.

Jeep JK Wrangler Daystar, Upper Dash Panel with holder for Large I Phone and I Phone Plus

17 – Decals

Decals are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your Jeep stand out in a crowd. Some people like to remove all the factory stickers and only use aftermarket decals, but most will keep at least some of the OEM stickers. Once you join a Jeep club you’ll most likely start sporting your club stickers too. One place that does decals for a lot of the Jeep clubs is Pixel Decals. They do awesome work and really care about the 4×4 and Off-road community so do yourself a favor and check them out!

Best Jeep Decals

18 – Deck Lid

Keeping you stuff safe and out of site from potential thieves or just mischievous kids while you’re at the movies is a smart idea because being a Jeep owner can bring haters too. I’ve seen several people make their own with some wood and fabric but for only $70 bucks Bestop has great Deck Lidoption.

Pavement Ends by Bestop 41829-35 Black Diamond Cargo Cover 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

19 – Dog Harness

Being a Jeep owner and a dog owner is a perfect match, the only problem comes when you want to got topless, but your best friend likes to jumps out of your moving Jeep. Of course you could get a cage or Safari Straps but if neither of those options are quite your style or you want a little more versatility try a Dog Harness. There are several options available but one I’ve heard mentioned a lot is the Kurgo Journey. With a Vneck design and a lifetime warranty its a good option to try.

Jeep Lover Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog Harness, Reflective Harness, Dog Running Harness, Dog Walking Harness, Dog Hiking Harness, Seat Belt Tether Included

20 – Door Caddy

When its time to take the doors off your Jeep you’ll need somewhere to store them. In comes the Door Caddy.The good options available on the market are somewhat overpriced just to hold doors so I’ll be honest this is one mod you should probably DIY. I’ve seen some metal and wood door caddies, but to me the best design by far uses PVC piping and Polyethylene pipe insulation. I would imagine making one would cost about half the cost of buying one.

Jeep Gladiator JT Sunluway Door Hanger Removable Wall-Mounted Door Storage Rack Bracket Fits 1956-2020 Jeep Wrangler CJ YJ TJ LJ JK JKU JL JLU & 2021

21 – Door Hinge Steps(Trail Rated – I)

Getting your gear from the top of your Jeep or washing the roof can be a hassle, especially if you’re short like me, luckily there are Door Hinge Steps made specifically for your Jeep. The three models you’ll most likely see are the EAG Metal Folding Foot Peg, the Kargo Master Pro Hinge Step Smittybilt Atlas Door step. Either way you go this one mod will make your Jeep life so much easier!

Smittybilt 7630 JK Atlas Door Steps for Jeep JK

22 – Drive Shaft(Trail Rated – IIII)

Upgrading to a performance Drive Shaftis a commonly overlooked mod, but one that should be included when getting a lift kit, bigger tires, other performance parts, or simply when your old one wears out. People don’t understand a lot of times how important your drive angles are. Three good options when looking to upgrade your drive shaft are Tom Wood’s custom driveshafts, Adams driveshaft and offroad and Yukon Gear & Axle.

Yukon Gear YDS024 Performance Driveshaft for Jeep Wrangler JK Rear - 4 Door AT

23 – Exhaust System(Trail Rated – III)

Nothing is more intimidating when taking off at the light than an aggressive sounding Exhaust especially when matched with some big MT tires. The roar of the exhaust combined with the thump of the tires smacking the payment will definitely turn heads and scare small children! When it comes to exhausts for your Jeep you really have two main options. Hi-tuck or not. If you’re a wheeler go with Hi-Tuck hands down. They are designed to prevent damage to your muffler when out on the trails. Nothing is more aggravating than having to cut your trip a day short because you smashed your exhaust shut. If you just want the roaring sound either model with work fine. A few popular exhaust brands are Flowmaster, MBRP, Borla and AFE.

Gibson Performance Exhaust 12-17 Jeep Wrangler 3.6L Unlimited;07-11 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L

24 – Exoskeleton Roof Rack(Trail Rated – III)

Adding a roll cage or Exoskeleton will definitely make your Jeep look all Mad Max and badass but I wouldn’t recommend it unless its for a second off-road-only Jeep. If you flip your rig over every week, or if you just want a intimidating beast rolling down the street them yes its a cool mod. However, keep in mind that adding extra weight to your Jeep will affect suspension, handling, and braking. For 90% of Jeepers a simple roll bar will suffice. If you do want to go big Smittybilt makes a cool one and so does Posion Spyder.

Smittybilt 76840 Black Exoskeleton Jeep Jk 4Dr 07-17

25 – Fender Flares(Trail Rated – II)

Once you add bigger tires and a lift kit to your Jeep you’re going to definitely want to upgrade your Fender Flares too. For one they look cool, but they also have a lot of functional uses such as protected your Jeep from minor dings, keeping mud and grime away from your Jeep and finally keep rocks and road dirt out of your face in the summer. You can find fender flares almost anywhere but the top three brands are Bushwacker, Lund and Smittybilt.

Jeep Smittybilt 76837 XRC Black Textured Fender Flare

26 – Fender Liners(Trail Rated – III)

Fender Liners are the perfect compliment to your fender flares. They give you that extra protection and provide another way to customize your Jeep. I personally wouldn’t go offroading with out them as they are very effective at keeping debris off your engine. Rough country has some cool ones but I would personally get some blank ones and get my own logo or saying carved into them. Unless your name is Robert Clayton or something similar in that case these are already customized!

Rough Country Front Inner Fenders for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

27 – Fire Extinguisher(Trail Rated – IIIII)

Accidents happen that’s why they are called accidents. I’m not saying you ride around with a Fire Extinguisher in your Jeep all the time, but when its time to go wheeling or on road trips why not have a little extra piece of mind. Every trail enthusiast should have a fire extinguisher. Something as stupid as riding over some dry brush with a hot catalytic converter could ruin your day or a national park. For only $30 bucks its not a strain on the wallet and who knows you might just save a life in the process? Good for you!

Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher With Mount

28 – Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter

Okay there is truly no reason to get a Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter of these I just think they are awesome and a real conversation starter! I have a serious road rage problem so I’d like to think I could actually fire missiles at some of our crazy Chicago drivers, but I guess this will do for now.

Fire Missiles Funny Road Rage Button

29 – First aid kit(Trail Rated – IIIII)

There should be no need to explain why having a First Aid Kit>is important, but I couldn’t just leave this blank so here goes. Umm…have you ever watched one of those movies where a couple gets stuck in the woods then someone gets a broken ankle or large cut and now they are totally screwed? Yeah, don’t be a dumbass because sh*t happens. Need a good example and a good flick for movie night? Check out the 2014 thriller Backcountry its a awesome move and a true story.

Jeep Wrangler Survivor Off-Roading Emergency Kit

30 – Floor liners(Trail Rated – III)

One upgrade that every Jeep owner should make is new Floor Liners. There are almost a dizzying amount of brands available most notable are WeatherTech and Husky Liners, but I actually like the Rugged Ridge or the Mopar floor liners a little better. Both are super sturdy and protect well, however if you want the Jeep logo go with the Mopar. One of the first parts to rot out on your Jeep will be the floorboards so keep it clean, okay!

Best Jeep All Weather Floor Mats

31 – Friends>(Trail Rated – II)

Well you can’t actually buy Jeep Friends, however buying a Jeep is about as close as it gets. Once you become a Jeep owner you’ll instantly have random people waving at you, parking next to you, taking pictures of you and generally being super creepy, but in a good way I swear! If you have a Jeep and don’t have friends then you’re not trying hard enough my friend! Plus not many good off-road stories start off with “well I was wheeling alone and…”

Jeep Groups Near Chicago

32 – Gear/Clothing

You can find some really cool and unique Jeep Clothing out there. Sometimes at meetups you find small vendors or you can always check Amazon, Ebay, Esty and other online retailers. Also I’ve been able to find some really cool stuff at garage sales or flea markets.

Jeep Wrangler Iconic Distressed Logo Pullover Hoodie

33 – Ghost Lights

Ghost lights are really cool and some people may hate on them and I understand why. I mean its not a needed accessory at all but for late night meetups in the summer or shows its badass. I remember the first time I saw a decked out Jeep with some and I was like “okay that’s nice.” You might see lots of people with them now but you can also get a custom logo like your Jeeps name or you club name to stand out.

Jeep Wrangler LED Ghost Lights

34 – Gloves(Trail Rated – IIII)

When its time to use your winch or anything that requires hand protection a good pair of work Gloves will come in handy. Like most items on this list you can find several options that might fit your needs. Some people use mechanics gloves or you might find some that look really cool but for me a genuine leather glove is the best option. Remember you can buy new gloves not new hands! Some of the usual brands make good gloves too like Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt and Rampage.

Jeep Owner Gift Men's Leather Work Gloves with Adjustable Wrist

35 – Go Pro & Mount(Trail Rated – III)

Everyone knows thatmGoPro cameras give you some of the best action shots know to man, but its 2020 and there are some other models that still give you great quality at a fraction of the cost, especially if you’re new to recording your adventures. If you pull off the impossible you’re going to need video proof otherwise its just another old fisherman's story only for Jeeps. If you’re on a budget I found one from AKASO that works greats for a good price.

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD with EIS 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera Remote Control 5X Zoom Underwater Camcorder with 2 Batteries and Helmet Accessories Kit

36 – Goal Zero(Trail Rated – IIII)

I found out aboutmGoal Zero from a friend of mine that is like a religious backpacker. I’m talking months at a time hugging trees on daddy’s money backpacking okay. Goal Zero makes solar powered products and some of the stuff they have available is really cool. I’m sure they have other competitors in the solar market, but I know for sure they make a durable product so that’s why I recommend them. My Buddy actually converted his vehicle into a solar powered, off the grid little beast with some of there products.

Jeep Overlanding Goal Zero Solar Charger

37 – Grab Handles(Trail Rated – IIII)

When you start wheeling you and your passengers will appreciate a nice set of Grab Bars for your Jeep. Just like most Jeep products you can find all types of styles but two name you’ll see come up a lot are Wild Boar and GraBars. They both make a quality product and cost under $100. While writing this blog I found another cool model online that has good reviews called Xprite too. Yes I know those are knockoffs but some people don’t mind. I put the two best brands too so no crazy comments please lol!

Xprite Black Aluminum Front & Rear Steel Grab Bar Handle Kit for 2007 - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

38 – Grille Insert or Cover

Swapping out your Grille is a quick and easy way to change the look of your Jeep. Some people will say this is a mall crawlers Jeep accessory, however I know several Jeepers with aftermarket grills who hit the trails hard, but since it's not a needed mod for wheeling I understand the pushback. You’ll see the eagle eye model a lot because they are awesome but keep looking and you’re sure to find a more unique grill that fits your taste.

Jeep Wrangler Grille Inserts

39 – Gun Rack(Trail Rated – I)

If you’re a hunter or if you like to explore places where you’re not exactly at the top of the food chain having a Gun Rack is nice. It keeps your firearms safely stowed away, but still relatively accessible in case of an emergency.

Jeep Concealed Seat Back Gun Rack to Hold 3 Rifles

40 – Half Doors(Trail Rated – III)

What other vehicle can you take the doors off and ride down the street without looking crazy! None besides a Jeep. Since you have the ability to do what many others cannot you must take advantage. Nothing feels better than rolling around in the summer with the top and doors off, however going commando with no doors at all is dangerous and probably illegal in some states. Have all the fun without the hassle and get some Half Doors okay.

JROAD Jeep wrangler JK summer tubular half doors Fit for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 4-Door Soldier pattern Front & Rear Tube Doors With Side

Upgrading to LED lights provides so much more light although you might not make friends on the roadway, they do work well. If you’re going to LED you might as well get some color changing Halos because why not! There are more options for lighting than any other Jeep accessory so you’ve got options. Two of the best in the business are Rigid Industries & Oracle Lighting but you can find some cheaper models on the market just do your research

Jeep 7 Inch Led Halo Headlights

42 – Hard Top Hoist (Trail Rated – II)

Taking your Hard Top on and off is a real inconvenience and not a one person job unless you have some type of hoist. There are several models on the market including the most inexpensive models where you hoist from inside your garage. Other options include what look like motor hoists. They work well but are definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

eep Wrangler Hardtop Overhead Garage Storage Hoist for Jeep Lovers

43 – Hood

A new JeepHood can be either for looks, function, or a little mix of both. If you have over heating problems then the AEV heat reduction hood would be good for you. If aesthetics is more important then the Mopar hood would be my choice. If your Jeep only rides payment then a option from Xprite, Topfire or some other lesser known hood makers might work for you.

Xprite Replacement Hood with Functional Air Vents Compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

44 – Hood Latches

Now that you’ve got your new aftermarket hood you’ll want to invest in some qualityHood Latches to stop your hood from rattling when you’re cruising down the road. My two recommendations on hood latches are either the Rugged Ridge or Drake models.

Rugged Ridge Hood Latch Kit, Black; 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

45 – Inclinometer

You might think a tilt meter would be a trail rated accessory and for some it is. Inclinometers are something typically only seen on Jeeps owned by those new to off-roading. While they look cool to some they may not actually help you much in the heat of the moment. Also if you have a smart phone they have apps that can do the same thing. One I know of is called Vehicle Clinometer.

Jeep Off-Roading Inclinometer and Tilt Gauge

46 – Insulation Kit

So if you haven’t noticed it already your Jeep can be very noisy because the lack of Insulation. On Four they used a product called Dynamat and Sound Assassin to totally insulate a Jeep with awesome results. They did the roof, doors and floor which is probably your best option, however if you don’t have the time or money to go all out, Rugged Ridge makes a nice insulation kit that will help significantly at a much lower price.

Jeep Mopar 2011-2014 Jeep Wrangler Jk Hard Top Four Door Headliner Kit

47 – Jeep Mattress

Finding a good Mattress that actually fits inside your jeep is not an easy task. Technically a full size air mattress works but the center console might get in your way. Two options that work better are the Xprite NitePad and the Deep Sleep air mattress. What’s really cool about the Deep Sleep is it started as a Kickstarter campaign and got funded so might be a nice option.

Xprite Jeep Mattress Portable Outdoor Camping Pad Bed Platform for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKU, NitePad Sand Premium 1.5-inch Thick Trunk Cushion

48 – Lockers Before Lightbars(Trail Rated – IIII)

Adding lockers to your Jeep is a smart idea if you want to even start to be considered a real off-roader. The saying is get your some good lockers before you get the fancy lightbars. Enough said!

Wrangler Yukon Gear GM/Chrysler Differential Dura Grip for Jeep

P.S. Might as well get a new diff cover while your at it!

Yukon Gear & Axle Hardcore Nodular Iron Differential Cover for Dana 30

49 – Lifted Jeep Hi-Lift Jack(Trail Rated – IIII)

If you’ve ever tried using a standard jack on a lifted Jeep you’ll know its mostly an exercise in futility. Adding a Hi-Lift jack (or Farm Jack as they are sometimes called) to your Jeep arsenal is for advanced wheelers. You will rarely ever need to use it, but if you do its a lift saver. Keep in mind that you should have someone with experience help you learn how to properly use it or watch some videos on YouTube because a Hi-Lift jack can be a dangerous tool, however a Hi-Lift jack for your Jeep is like any tool. Having it is important and knowing how to use it is equally, if not more important.

ZAMLIE Hi-Lift Jack Mount Hood Bracket Fit for Jeep Wrangler Hi-Lift Jack Mount CJ 1976-1986 YJ 1987-1995 TJ 1997-2006

​P.S. – Don’t forget to add a locking hood hinge to mount you Hi-lift jack!

50 – Limb Risers(Trail Rated – II)

Limb Risers are what I would consider more of a luxury item since most Jeepers go without them, however if the trails you frequent are overgrown they might be a good upgrade for you. By adding limb risers to your Jeep you will help keep your snorkel, antenna, and other accessories from getting snagged on a tree branch and potentially being ripped off. The majority of people I’ve seen with them made their own, but if you’re not the handy type you can get a set for about $80 bucks.

Smittybilt Jeep JK Limb Riser Kit

51 – Locking Fuel Door(Trail Rated – I)

Adding a Locking Fuel Door to your Jeep has two benefits in my mind. First, this will protect you gas tank from the random trouble-maker, old girlfriend, or pissed-off road-rager from putting a Snicker or whatever in your tank. Besides that they just look really cool and you won’t have to worry about the fit of an aftermarket gas cap or an expensive OEM one. Only downfall is you might have a new key to keep up with but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

Fuel Filler Door Locking Gas Tank Cap Cover for Jeep Wrangler Accessories 2007-2018 JK Unlimited Rubicon Sahara

52 – Marine Radio & Waterproof speakers(Trail Rated – II)

A buddy of mine once told me the next best thing to buying a boat is buying a Jeep. His reasoning was a Jeep can go everywhere a boat can and more lol! Now that’s not exactly true but in time you’ll get your Jeep in some soggy situations including in the rain, mud, and deep bogs. Skip the hassle and upgrade to a quality Marine Sound System and call in a day. A rainy day.

Jeep Audio Systems MCKGB450W.6 Weatherproof Marine Gauge Receiver and Speaker Package - IPX6 Receiver, 6.5 Inch Speakers, Bluetooth Audio, USB MP3, AM FM, NOAA Weather Band Tuner, No CD Player

53 – Navigation System(Trail Rated – II)

In my option if you’re only relying on your Navigation System in the woods you’re crazy. Electronic maps work great in a city or suburban area, but in rural areas they just don’t have the same consistency. That’s why I think a navigation system should always be backed up with good old paper maps.

best car navigation system

54 – Nerf Bars & Running Boards(Trail Rated – II)

Most Jeep owners who go wheeling get rock sliders opposed to regular Running Boards, however you can find some rock sliders that incorporate side steps. You really have endless options when it comes to Jeep running boards but a few good options come from Rugged Ridge, AMP Research and Tyger Auto. We had a customer come in with a set of theTyger brand at the price, however they are more of a “universal” style and the install was a complete cluster. Basically anything that protects your rocker panels is a good option.

Jeep Magnum Step Bar Running Boards

55 – Off Road Lighting(Trail Rated – III)

NiLight Lights and a few others, but almost any type will work just check the lumens. The lumens are very important.

52 Inch Led Light Bar 300W Combo 2pcs 4" 18W Spot Light Pod Off Road Driving Lights with Mounting Brackets and Wiring Harness Fit for 07-18 Jeep JK Wrangler

56 – Performance Parts

Jeeps are known for their off-roading abilities, but not so much for their Performance. If this is your first Jeep or you’ve owned fast cars in the past you may want to add a little extra oomph to your Jeep. Additionally, a throttle controller can help with conserving your fuel. By adding a pedal commander you’ll eliminate delays in your Jeep’s acceleration and best of all it won’t void your warranty.

PEDAL COMMANDER - PC78 for Jeep Wrangler JL

57 – Phone & Tablet mount

If you don’t want to invest in a GoPro or dashcam then a good solid Phone or Tablet Mount could be the Jeep mod for you. There are several options on the market but the best I’ve found is by a brand called 67 Designs. They make mounts that fit perfectly in a Jeep and with a simple yet solid design you’ll be happy with one of their mounting kits.

Roam Jeep Phone Mount

58 – Poncho(Trail Rated – II)

Don’t let the rain stop your Jeep parade! No but seriously who likes to sit around in wet clothes, nobody. Get yourself a Poncho and never worry about downpours again.

Hooded Rain Poncho Waterproof Raincoat Jacket for Men Women

59Portable BBQ(Trail Rated – I)

If adding a trailer is not in your budget then a Portable BBQ grill is the next best option. One grill I like that a friend of mine showed me is the Volcano 3-in-1 grill. This little beast can use propane, charcoal or even just regular wood. What’s even better is you can use it as a Dutch over, for frying, smoking, baking and even smoking! Awesome product you will love it!

Volcano Grill 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove/Fire Pit, Charcoal, Collapses Down to 5 inches; for Convenient Portability and Storage

60 – Quick Release Mirrors

So you’ve taken your doors off but now you don’t have side mirrors which is just an accident waiting to happen and most likely a ticket as well. No worries just get some Quick Release Mirrors and get back on the road. The two best options I’ve been able to find are from Rugged Ridge and a company called Die Tech Off-road. The Die Tech options uses your OEM Jeep mirrors with a special bracket they make.

Rugged Ridge Quick Release Mirror Kit, Rectangular, Black; 97 18 Wrangler TJ JK

61 – Recovery Gear(Trail Rated – IIIII)

A good Recovery kit will come in handy on the trails and should be one of your first Jeep upgrades. A new option I’ve seen is the Rhino shackle to hitch option that seems to be good. But some other options include ARB, Rugged Ridge or just piece together a kit. Quality matters here.

62 – Roof Mount Sun Shade

When it comes to Sun Shades for your Jeep there you really have one of two options. Alien Shade or SpiderWeb. Both make a really quality product that protects well. Honestly you can’t go wrong with either one.

Alien Sunshade Jeep Wrangler JLU (2018 - Current) – Front & Rear Mesh Sun Shade for Jeep JL Unlimited

63 – Roof Rack (Trail Rated – II)

When it comes to choosing a Roof Racksyou’ve got a few good options that won’t break the bank. If you only have a 2-door Jeep or if you need to haul large items a good solid roof rack can be a huge asset think. In my research the best six Jeep roof racks overall are the Gobi No-drill roof rack, the Rola V-Tex, Rhino Rack Backbone, The GoRhino SR Rack, Front Runner, the Kargo Master Congo Pro and the Teraflex Nebo. All solid choices really depends on your preference and budget.

Jeep Wrangler Rooftop Cargo Basket

64 – Scrunchies

People that say, “let the wind blow gently through your hair” have never rode in a Jeep with the top off. Nothing matches the exhilaration of letting your long locks flow in the breeze, however there is nothing gentle about Jeep hair and wind. It can really be a safety hazard if you have long hair so beware. Also, if you have a job where Jeep hair may not fit the dress code you should keep a pack of Scrunchies in your Jeep, okay! #JeepHairDontCare....well maybe a little bit lol!

Jeep Lover Hair Ties for Thick Heavy or Curly Hair. No Slip No Damage Seamless Ponytail Holders Scrunchies Sports Thick Hair Ties - Hair Bands - Curly Hair Accessories (Black 3 Pcs)

65 – Seat Covers(Trail Rated – III)

In my opinion all vehicles should be upgraded with Seat Covers if only to keep the resale value higher, but being a Jeep owner its almost mandatory if you don’t won’t your awesome Jeep looking all tore up and tattered. You can find many of the neoprene seat covers almost anywhere and from several manufacturers, but the best available come from Wet Okole and Rugged Ridge. The biggest complaints about the neoprene seat covers is they don’t breathe, hot in the summer, and they hold water like a sponge. If you don’t want the neoprene your best options are from Bestop, Iggee Leather, and Bartact Trek Armor.

src="" alt="Jeep Bench Car Seat Cover Protector - Waterproof, Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Size Fits Jeeps" style="margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px; float: none;">


66 – Skid Plates (Trail Rated – IIIII)

One quick way to get stuck on the trail is to bust up your oil pan or transmission pan on a rock or boulder. To prevent those underbody dings, scratches, and scraps adding some Skid Plates to your Jeep is a good idea. Some Jeepers will say that there is no reason to get an aftermarket full body skid plate kit because the only thing you really need to buy is an evap skid/relocation and a skid for your oil pan which is true. However, if you are just learning or don’t work on your Jeep yourself a little extra protection won’t hurt. Keep in mind it will add extra weight to your rig. Some good options on skid plates come from Metalcloak, Rock Hard, Artec and EVO. 

Smittybilt  XRC Engine Transmission Skid Plate for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

67 – Snorkel (Trail Rated – III)

When its time to scare your wife or amaze the kids with some aquatic off-road adventures you might consider upgrading your Jeep with a Snorkel kit. There are several options on the market but the two best come from AEV and River Raider although ARB and Rugged Ridge make a decent version too. Do it right the first time and plumb all your breathers to the snorkel (front differential, transmission, etc) 

Rugged Ridge HD Jeep Wrangler Snorkel System 07-18 Wrangler

68 – Soft Top 

In my option the best all around Soft Top for your money is the Bestop Trektop Pro however since I hate to be bias some other good options include Sun Rider, Pavement Ends, Rugged Ridge, Supertop and even Rough Country. 

Bestop 5472235 Black Diamond Supertop NX for 2007-2018 Wrangler JK 2-Door

69 – Spare Tire Cover Lock

Everyone loves wheels and tires including thieves and your Jeep’s Spare Tire can be an easy target. Now of course if a thief wants your rims bad enough nothing can stop them, but adding a little extra security or at the very least making them put in some work to get them is worth every dollar spent. I’ve seen Jeepers on both extremes from using a simple bike lock all the way up to combining two different deterrent devices like locking lugs and a heavy-duty tire lock. Some good options come from Bolt locks, Gorilla Locks and Smittybilt.

Jeep Trimaflex Spare Tire Cable Lock (Round Key)

70 – Spare Tire Cover 

After you’ve made sure your Spare Tire is safe and secure from would be thieves its time to accessorize it. Another wonderful thing about being a Jeep owner is making a statement. Now I’ll be honest tire covers are a little dated. Most Jeepers nowadays are sporting MT tires on the spare and would rather show if off, I mean why not. Lately adding some LED lights has been popular too. The two good reasons to run a tire cover is if you get it customized or in the winter to keep the salt and slush off it your tire, but in spring, summer, and fall there really is no need. 

Jeep Wrangler Hard Tire Cover

71 – Spare Tire LED

When you’ve got an awesome Jeep you’ve gotta show it off. There is no better way to stand out than by adding some LED lights to your Jeep. If you have some badass wheels adding a spare tire brake light is an awesome way to turn some heads and make some new haters. If you do shows or late night meets one of these may help you win a new trophy.

Jeep (Plug and Play) Spare Tire Brake Light Wheel Light 3rd Third Brake Light for Wrangler 2007-2017 JK JKU YJ TJ,Red Light


72 – Steering Stabilizer (Trail Rated – II)

When it comes to Steering Stabilizers having one makes a difference, especially once you’ve got a nasty death wobble going on, but there is not need to break the bank because they all work very similarly. One that I recommend is from Rough Country. Its only like $130 bucks and will work fine for 95% of Jeepers. 


Jeep Wrangler FOX 985-24-072 Steering Stabilizer



73 – Sun Shade

Getting in a hot Jeep in the summer is part of the fun of owning a Jeep, but if you’re more conservative and your top/doors rarely comes off then a Sun Shade might be right for you. I like the EcoNour model because it rolls up instead of folds and fits a Jeep window perfectly.

Jeep Wrangler Car Windshield Sun Shade with Storage Pouch


74 – Sun Visor Organizer 

So you’ve got your sun shade for your Jeep, now just want to add some Sun Visors with pockets to hold your stuff. You still can find a lot of cheap models available and they all basically perform okay. 

Da by Car Sun Visor Organizer Auto Car Visor Pocket and Interior Accessories Car Truck Visor Storage Pouch Holder with Multi-Pocket Net Zippers (Gray)

75 – Suspension Lift kit (Trail Rated – IIII) 

One of the most common initial mods any Jeeper will make is installing a Suspension Lift Kit so they can add some custom wheels and beefy MT tires. Most times a moderate lift kit like 3.5 inches will give you the look and performance you want while allowing you to fit new shoes. Here at CPW Truck Stuff doing lift kit installations is one of our most popular services. 

Jeep 2.5in Full Lift Kits Fit Wrangler JL, 2.5 Front and Rear Coil Spring Suspension Kits with Sway Bar Link Compatible with Jeep JL Rubicon 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

76 – Suspension Seats (Trail Rated – II)

Once you’ve been wheeling for a while you’ll notice that it can start to take a toll on you body. Bouncing around for 12-16 hours on OEM Jeep seats gets old fast so upgrading to some good Suspension Seats is worth every dollar spent. There are a few models on the market but the top two are from Corbeau Seats and PRP Seats. These are your best two options when you and your wallet are ready for them. 

Bestop 3946115 Black Denim Trailmax II Pro Front Seats - Jeep 1976-2006 CJ7 & Wrangler


77 – Sway Bar Disconnect (Trail Rated – IIII

Adding a Sway Bar Quick Disconnect to your Jeep is for serious wheelers looking to get the most out of Jeep or for showing off at meets and stuff. For your Jeep to get the articulation you always see in photos your sway bar needs to be disconnected. While on the road your sway bar needs to be connected, but when off-roading articulation is very important so disconnecting your sway bar will help you traverse the trails much better. Your two best options are from JKS manufacturing and Currie Enterprises. The JKS model is less expensive but requires more work to connect and disconnect than the Currie version, however both will get the job done. 

Jeep Wrangler JKS Front Swaybar Quicker Disconnect System for Jeep JK


78 – Switch Panel (Trail Rated – II) 

Adding some auxiliary lighting to your Jeep is almost like a right of passage. Some Jeeps are more flamboyant than others with tons of lights, but most Jeepers will at the minimum get a LED lightbar. Once you start adding rock lights, air compressors or a CB radio adding a Switch Panel makes good sense. The three best and most recommended I’ve found are from sPOD, Voswitch and Apollointech. 

8 Gang Switch Panel BA80 Automatic Dimmable LED Touch Control Panel Box Electronic Relay System For Jeep Wranglers

79 – Tail Light Guards

Adding Tail Light Guards to your Jeep is purely for looks and some off-road Jeeps might crack jokes and stuff but its your Jeep so don’t let anyone change your style. With that being said there aren’t any particular “best” tail light guards for a Jeep just pick something you like. If I had to choose I’d go with ones below. They look pretty cool at night, but to thy own self be true.  

Bentolin Matte Black Rear Tail Light Guard Cover Protector Compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2018 Sahara JKU New - Pair

80 – Third Row Jeep Seat (Trail Rated – II) 

So you’ve got a Jeep, but you also have a family too. How can you get the whole gang in the Jeep for an off-roading weekend? Add some Third Row Seats that’s how. Sucks it not available for all Jeeps though. 

Bestop 3944015 Black Denim Trailmax II Rear Fold-N-Timble Reat Seat - Jeep 1955-1995 CJ5, CJ7 & Wrangler


81 – Tire Carrier (Trail Rated – II)

When it comes to Tire Carriers for your Jeep you’ve got several really nice options from some well known and lesser known brands. What you should be looking for in a tire carrier/bumper combo is a rugged, well built product that can take a beating and looks nice. The tire carrier and bumper combos are not cheap so if you can see some on a buddies Jeep are at a show before you pull the trigger it will help you decide. Some of the best ones you’ll find come from Smittybilt, Barricade, AEV, Teraflex, Ace Engineering, Offroad Evolution, LoD, Metalcloak, and JCR Offroad.

Smittybilt 2843 Pivot HD Oversize Tire Carrier for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK,Black

82 – Tire Deflators (Trail Rated – I) 

So when its time to leave the pavement and do some rock crawling you’ll want to Deflate your tires so your Jeep can get better traction on the trail and your tires will grip objects much better. Now technically you don’t need a fancy tire deflator a key, stick or anything sharp will technically do, but who wants to do that every other weekend when a good tire deflator only cost about $50 bucks from ARB and up to $80-90 for a really nice one like the Staun brand. Other options include Trailhead, Smittybilt, Currie. 

ARB ARB505 Deflator Kit 10-60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Rapid Air Down Offroad Kit With Recovery Gear Pouch (PSI)

83 – Tires (Trail Rated – II) 

You have a ridiculous amount of options when it comes to Tires but your five main categories when it comes to your Jeep are all-terrain tires, winter tires, sand tires, mud tires, and rock crawling tires. Obviously some tires are better suited for a particular driving condition but its also for looks too. Some of the best tires available are Toyo Open Country Jeep Wrangler Tires, Dick Cepek Extreme Country Tires for Jeep Wrangler, Nitto Trail Grappler Jeep Tires and BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Jeep Tires. 

Cooper Evolution M/T All-Season Tires

84 – Toolbox (Trail Rated – III)

Your own personal knowledge of your Jeep and the Tools you carry will be your two best assets as a Jeeper. Everybody is different with tools. Some people just throw everything in a bag or bucket and some people keep them cleaner than surgical tools and no way is wrong. I like this Jerry Can toolbox style for two reasons. First, it should hold all of your smaller tools. Second, the design is cool and will fit in or on your Jeep easily. 

Rampage Products 86619 Red Universal Trail Can Utility Tool Box

85 – Tools Set (Trail Rated – III) 

When you’re new to Jeeping you may or may not have all the tools needed to work on your rig. Getting a good Tool Set will come in handy in the driveway and on the trail. There are several good starter kit options from Stanley, Kobalt, DeWalt, Husky, Craftsman and of course Snap-On. This is something you can also piece out after you have a solid foundation like at least a good ratchet set.

EPAUTO 45 Pieces 38 Drive Socket Set with 72-Tooth Pear Head Ratchet

86 – Trail Axe (Trail Rated – I)

By definition off-roading means you’re going off the beaten path in search of adventure. However, sometimes when you’re searching for adventure you can actually find calamity. Glad you a Trail Axe now right? Depending on what you are running and where you are going it’s always a good idea to be over prepared. I personally like the survival and prepper type of gear. Those guys are ready to survive for weeks or months at a time so you know those same tools will work for you if you get stuck over the weekend. 

LIANTRAL Survival Camping Axe, Folding Tactical Axe Hatchet with Hammer, Nylon Sheath for Outdoor Adventures


87 – Trail Shovel (Trail Rated – III) 

Depending on where you take your Jeep off-roading and the driving surfaces you encounter then a Shovel is a great recovery tool to have. Besides just being able to dig a cat-hole, preparing a fire pit, and leveling out a place to sleep. A tactical shovel might be able to replace your axe or look for one with both combined. If looks don’t matter I’ve seen guys use a regular garden shovel with okay results too. One solid all around shovel is the SOG Entrenching Shovel shown below. 

Jeep Off-roading SOG Entrenching Tool- 18.25 Inch Folding Survival Shovel with Wood Saw Edge and Tactical Shovel Carry Case- Black


88 – Special Stupid Stuff


Jeep Ducks

Mirror Stickers (Objects In Mirror Are Losing. Enough said!)

Jeep Accessories Sticker Objects in Mirror are Losing Decal Black Etched Glass Funny Sticker

​  – Coffee Mugs

Jeep Brand - Colossal Insulated Tumbler, 20 oz Stainless Steel, Silver

​ – Warning Signs (Hope You’re Ready)

(2X) Funny Buckle Up Warning Sticker Set Vinyl Decal For Car Truck SUV Dashboard

​ – Power Wheels (Got A Jeep? Got Kids? Got Jeep Kids!) 


Jeep Wrangler Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Green

89 – Tow/Recovery Straps (Trail Rated – IIII)

If you go off-roading eventually you’ll get your Jeep stuck. And not just a little stuck where a shovel might help, I mean all the way stuck to where you’ll need some help from a friend or stranger. Lots of times your winch can get you out of a muddy situation, but sometimes there is nothing to winch to so you’ll need a recovery strap, not a tow strap. The difference between the two is a tow strap does not stretch like a Snatch/Recovery strap will. There are plenty options on the market so do your research or just get a ARB Snatch Strap and call it a day.


Rhino USA Jeep Overlanding Recovery Tow Straps


90 – Trail Trash Bag (Trail Rated – IIIII)

One hallmark of any real Jeeper is that he/she will leave the trail cleaner than they found it. Now not everyone obeys this unwritten, or sometimes written, law of wheeling so sometimes you find yourself cleaning up after other jerks. If you choose to be a part of the responsible Jeep club and clean up after yourself your best option is a Trasharoo. Please don’t litter!

Jeep Trail Rated Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag BLACK

91 – Trail flag kit (Trail Rated – IIIII)

So you are finally ready to take your first trip to Silver Lake Dunes, Paragon or some other off-roading spot, but do you need a Trail Flag First? Every park has its own rules but why worry about the hassle or the possible high price tag and of course the wait in line. I’ve witnessed some bad accidents at the dunes that could have been avoided with some simple trail flags. Quadratec has a nice option for $30 bucks, but you can also stop at your local Walmart and grab a bike flag kit in a crunch. Winning! 

Jeep Wrangler Dune Riding Safety Flag


92 – Trailer Hitch Safe (Trail Rated – I)

If everyone was honest we probably wouldn’t need locks, but since that will never happen you need to protect your valuables from walking away. If you’re wheeling you might not use this much because you’ll be in your Jeep, but if you’re a beach bum a Hitch Safe will come in handy a lot. 

Jeep Wrangler HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault, Black

93 – Tube Doors(Trail Rated III)

Not everyone is comfortable riding their Jeep with no doors at all. If this is you, but you still want the “doors off” feel but with some added safety then a set of Tube Doors is just what the doctor ordered. In my opinion you’ve got three good options which are the Bestop Rugged Ridge and Body Armor.

EAG Safari Tubular Doors with Mirror for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Only></a></div>
<a href=

94 – Tube fenders(Trail Rated III)

Converting your stock Jeep fenders to a set of Tube Fenders has three benefits. First, they’ll give you more room for bigger tires without the need for a bigger lift kit. Second they will give your tires more room during articulation, and finally they look badass. Some of your best options come from Metalcloak, Poison Spyder and Genright Offroad.

Bushwacker Flat Fender Flares 4pc. Set fits 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

95 – Tuner/Programmer

​Jeeps are notorious for the horrible gas mileage, but one way to get more miles per gallon is to add a tuner in the mix. Now you may want to compliment your Tuner with a supercharger and maybe a cold air intake, but I’ve heard of Jeepers going from 13 - 17 mpg up to 23 -24 depending on street or highway driving. If your Jeep is exclusively for wheeling then you can probably pass on this mod and spend the money on something else. Best tuners I’ve found come from Superchips


96 – Under Seat Storage Box

If you are a gun owner or just need a secure place to hold over sized objects that won’t fit in a hitch safe adding some Under Seat Storage is a great idea. This is not a sophisticated modification at all so if you’re good at building you can make one, if not Bestop and Tuffy make two of the best models on the market.

Bestop 42640-01 HighRock 4x4 Under Seat Lock Box for 2007-2018 Wrangler JK, Driver Side (Does Not Fit 2011-2018 Wrangler JK 2-Door Models)></a></div>
<a href=

97 – Under Seat Maglite(Trail Rated – I)

​Every vehicle owner should have emergency supplies, but for Jeepers its even more important since you’ll be off the beaten path more then an average driver. You’ve got several options just make sure you get an LED version those old style halogen ones suck. One I’ve always had good luck with isMaglite.

Jeep Owners Love Black MagLite - ST3D016 Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight,></a></div>
<a href=

a href="">98 – Water Filtration(Trail Rated III)

​Now this might be more on the prepper side of accessories, but if you go off-roading frequently or you just like to be prepared for any possibility thisWater Filtration device is a cool and functional item to add into your Jeepaccessories arsenal. Also it will definitely come in handy if you travel overseas. Get some purification tablets to go with it and never worry about having fresh water while exploring.

Survivor Filter Pro Water Purification System for Survival - Lightweight Hand-Pump Portable Water Filter for Backpacking Hiking Camping Water Filtration - Removal of 99.999% of Tested Virus Bacteria Parasites

(Trail Rated IIII)

​One thing you’ll find out quickly, especially if you’re on the West Coast, is sometimes the nearest gas station is far away from your wheeling spot. If that’s the case for you investing in some fuel storage for your Jeep is a wise thing to do. Your best options are a simple Jerry Can or the really nice Rotopax carriers. The Rotopax cost significantly more but because they are stackable and can be loaded almost anywhere gives them the advantage for serious overlanders. Also, If you need water storage check out Collapsible Water Container

100 – Wheels(Trail Rated III)

When it comes to Jeep a href="">Wheelsyou’re always looking for a combination of style and functionality. There are way too many options of wheels to tell you one that will be better for you than another, however I would recommend Beadlock Wheels or Level 8 Wheels for off-roading. Other really nice Jeep wheel options come from Pro Comp Helo Mickey Thompson Dick Cepek,KMC,Fuel Offroad Method Wheels,Moto Metal

American Racing (opens in a new tab)" href="">American Racing

RockTrix RT110 17 inch Wheel Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JL 17x9 5x5 Wheels (-12mm Offset, 4.5in Backspace) 5x5 PCD, 71.5mm Bore, Black Wheels, Also fits Gladiator JT Rims

101 – Winch (Trail Rated IIIII)

Although all Winches do the same thing, you’ll find a wide variety of winches for your Jeep with varying price points and capabilities. You can cheap out on many Jeep accessories, but a good winch is something worth investing in. Four good options that are moderately priced with overall good functionality are the label="Warn M8000 (opens in a new tab)" aria-label="Warn M8000 (opens in a new tab)" href="">Warn M8000, The Smittybilt XRC series, the Engo E9000 and the Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500.For added bonus grab a Smittybilt License Plate Mount Bracket to keep the police off your butt!

Jeep Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch  9,500 Pound Load Capacity

P.S. – Don’t Forget the license plate cover so no tickets!

Okay so there it is. The Top 101 Jeep Accessories, Upgrades & Modifications from A-to-Z or from A-to-W technically! We hope you enjoyed this list and got some good information and ideas on how to get the most out of your Jeep Accessories. Please tell us what you thought of this blog in the comments and feel free to share! 
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Pretty good list however I will point out that most people have switched from CB radio to GMRS at this point. At least all of the different Jeep clubs that I am aware of.


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