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When it comes to truck caps and tonneau covers Leer truck caps are certainly #1 in quality, reliability, and craftsmanship.

The LEER company was founded in the late 1960s.  

Now they are one of North America’s largest manufacturers of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and tonneau covers.

All of our LEER truck caps and tonneaus are American-made in Elkhart, Indiana at the LEER corporate headquarters.

The corporate headquarters also houses Leer’s engineering, product design, and mold-making machines.

By working with the design teams of all major truck manufacturers.

LEER is able to create precision designs with exacting mold tolerances.

This process enables Leer to prevent depending on common cover-up methods.

Such as adding vinyl trim that many manufacturers use to hide unfinished edges.

Instead, LEER edges are shaped, sanded, perfected and painted.

The finished product is a “trimless” edge to visually blend with your truck bed. 

Live Larger With Leer!

LEER truck caps also provide inside releases on their tonneau covers, an important safety measure that some other manufacturers leave out. 

Another advantage with LEER caps is the J-Clamp design. All of their cap molds are fitted with special fixtures to receive the advanced J-Clamps.

These clamps allow for a tight, secure attachment of your cap with a minimum of intrusion into the enclosed space. Without the old-fashioned bulky, unsightly clamps, the interior looks better, holds more, and is much safer.

LEER trucks and tonneau covers are known across the truck accessories industry for their outstanding warranty process. While rare, any issue that requires filing a warranty claim is always a top priority for us and Leer alike.

You can trust that we both will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with their product and our installation. 

If your looking for the price on a leer cap you may be disappointed because unfortunately, Leer caps are not one-size fits all type of product.

With over 30 combinations of accessories and upgrades, you can add to your Leer cap.

Giving you a generic price online is difficult and doesn’t account for your unique style and personality.

At CPW we will take the times to go over all your options so that you get the exact truck cap to fit your needs. 

Some popular accessories include the following: 

Interior Carpet Headliner

This tough nylon headliner improves the interior look of your truck cap or tonneau while reducing noise, and minimizing heat extremes.

Available in Gray and Shadow Black, the headliner is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Standard on the 100XQ cap and 700 tonneaus, the interior carpet headliner is available as an option on any other Leer fiberglass cap or tonneau.

Fishing Rod Holder

The Fishing Rod Holder’s unique design accommodates rods of all sizes.

Up to four rods can be safely stored up and out of the way. Reels are protected no matter where your fishing adventures may take you.

The Fishing Rod Holder is an available option with any Leer Truck Cap.


Get the most out of your truck cap and tonneau by adding a Bedslide cargo management system into the mix.

Bedslide is a great way to access your truck bed by turning it into an easy-access drawer that can carry up to 2,000 lbs. of gear and supplies.

Hands down the Bedslide custom cargo management system is the easiest way to load and unload items from your truck, saving time, effort and back pain!


The Decked storage system revolutionized truck bed storage and organization with their innovative, weatherproof and ergonomic solution for every full-size pickup truck owner.

100% American made, the DECKED system features two secure full bed-length drawers that glide effortlessly on industrial-grade wheels beneath a 2,000 lb payload-rated deck.

Have access to tools and equipment while maintaining full use of their pickup truck bed’s footprint. Storage is customizable to ensure that all of your critical gear right at your fingertips. 


With a BedRug bed liner you’ll get the look and comfort of carpet, with the strength of steel. This is one of our most popular products to combine with a truck cap.

Bedrug liner will it protect your truck bed from impact scratches, dings and damage, it will stand up to the most severe conditions: from gravel to battery acid, while still protecting your precious cargo and your knees!

Roof Rack System

(LEER Exclusive Option) – The AeroBlades Roof Rack System is available exclusively as a factory-installed option from LEER, and includes permanently mounted tracks, removable uprights with locks and adjustable tapered cross bars.

An upgrade to the standard Thule Tracker II Roof Rack System that offers a truly aerodynamic profile, the AeroBlades system accepts virtually all genuine Thule roof rack accessories with readily available adapters. 

The Thule Tracker II Roof Rack System is the industry’s leading sports and accessory rack, and it’s exclusively available as a factory installation from LEER. 

Bike & Ski/Snowboard Carriers

Thule Side Arm Bike Carrier easy-to-use rack holds a variety of bikes, regardless of design, wheel size or suspension style.

Its quick-load system grabs your bike by the wheels – not the frame – and the bike carrier mounts to most roof-rack systems with universal hardware.

The Pull Top Ski and Snowboard Rack by Thule®. The Pull Top is Thule’s top of the line ski and snowboard carrier.

The combination of easy, fast installation with Thule’s exclusive Speed-Link™ mounting system and telescoping arms that make loading skis or snowboards almost effortless is without equal.

The Pull Top holds 6 pairs of fat skis or 4 snowboards with ultra-soft rubber arms.

It’s completely lockable and can be mounted to Thule rack systems.

Canoe & Kayak Carriers

The Portage Canoe Carrier with Tie-downs and Quick Draw are right-angle brackets that fit on Thule load bars so that you can transport almost any general cargo.

With the included straps, you can secure cargo ranging from two-by-fours to a canoe.

LEER also provides tie-downs and quick draw required to secure long loads to the front and rear bumper of your truck and the Thule Quick Draw ratchet to tighten the straps. 

Keyless remote

(LEER Exclusive Option)– The premier amenity for any LEER Truck Cap or Tonneau equipped with the LEER Twist Handle, this system uses a 12V actuator to unlock your cap or tonneau when you depress your truck’s keyless remote key fob.

What makes the Leer Keyless Remote so awesome is it unlocks but does not unlatch your cap or tonneau.

What that means is you can travel safely and confidently with it locked or unlocked.

When unlocked, an effortless twist of the handle releases the latches so the tonneau can be opened.

Keyless Remote for the LEER Twist Handle can be factory-ordered or we can install it in-house.

Maybe the best part is this keyless remote can be upfitted on essentially all

Leer truck caps and tonneaus with the Leer twist handle. 

The Keyless Remote for Leer tonneaus is slightly different and it uses two actuators.

It also has its own key fob to unlock and unlatch your tonneau.

To open the unlocked tonneau, simply push up.

This system allows you to lock and unlock the tonneau without affecting the vehicle doors, and since it uses its own keyfob transmitter and receiver, it can be installed whether or not your truck has keyless remote for the doors.

Radius Side Windoor

Providing access to your cap from the side.

The Leer Radius Side Windows open awning style and are held in place with secure, double T-handle locks.

This option is available on the 100R, 100RCC, 180, 180CC, and 122 caps with limited availability on 100XL and 100XR cap models. 

Solid Fiberglass Side Doors

To gain a more secure and sight-restricted side entry to your truck bed or optional side tool boxes, these side doors open awning style and include a center-mounted drop T-handle lock with three-point engagement for added security. 

You’ll have access to all your tools quickly without letting would-be thieves see what’s inside.

This option is only available on the 100RCC and 180CC Fiberglass Commercial truck caps.

Leer Locker

The Leer Locker is the perfect way to squeeze just a little more room out of your cap.

With a ceiling-mounted design, this toolbox/storage system makes the most of the space that would be unused otherwise.

It’s like an overhead sliding drawer where you can organize your supplies, keeping it concealed and securely confined instead of bouncing all over the bed of your pickup.

The Leer Locker comes with adjustable storage dividers that can hold sporting, camping, hunting or fishing equipment and gear. When closed, your valuables are out of sight and out of the way.

Locking Overhead Storage Box

(LEER Exclusive Option) – The Leer Overhead Storage Box is also an option for nearly all LEER truck caps.

It provides a secure, locking space for gear and valuables that are mounted to the cap ceiling, out of the way and out of sight.

The size of the bin varies, based on the size of the cap. 

Folding Clothes Hanger

This option provides 12″ of hanging space for clothing and similar articles, keeping them organized, off the floor of the truck bed, and readily available.

When not in use, it folds up out of the way. Factory-installation is available for any LEER Truck Cap. 

7-Way Interface Harness

Save time, installation in as little as 7 minutes, and maintain your 7-way connector functionality and OE vehicle wiring by utilizing this direct interface harness to the factory-supplied, 7-way trailer wiring source connector.

Connects quickly and easily; no cutting or splicing of wires.

Ultimate Tailgate Seal

Prevent dust, debris, rain, and snow from entering your truck bed by sealing up the tailgate gaps with this compressible, all-weather automotive grade seal.

This is a universal seal kit and works with all types of tailgates.

Installation is simple which makes the Ultimate Tailgate Seal perfect to use with any Leer truck topper or tonneau cover.

3-Outlet 12V Powerblock

(LEER Exclusive Option) – The ability to add a 12V power source to your Leer truck cap is a huge benefit if you plan on using your cap a lot.

With this handy optional accessory, you can keep all your electronic charged and out of the way. It provides 3 standard (cigarette-lighter) style plugs and an inline fuse for circuit protection.

The 3-Outlet Powerblock is a universal upgrade product and can be added to any LEER truck cap.  

Wiring is done at the time of install here at CPW. 

Automatic 12V Light Switch

Talk about convenience!

This small, simple switch turns the 12V dome light in your Leer 700 Series tonneau on and off any time you open and close the cap rear door.

It includes a manual override, too.

This upgrade option is available for any Leer truck topper ordered with a 12V Dome Light.

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