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Merrillville Indiana Custom Truck & Jeep Shop Near Me

Merrillville is quaint city that straddles US Highway 30 in href="" aria-label="Northwest Indiana. (opens in a new tab) Northwest Indiana.

Surprisingly we have several loyal customers that cross the border to shop with us.

The entire area was once the province of the Potawatomi Indians and in 1971 officially became a town under Indiana state statue.

Today, Merrillville enjoys great diversity in housing, residents, and culture.

On any given weekday, the population of Merrillville can swell to over 100,000 people.

This is due to shoppers and workers throughout the town.

The city has become the crossroads of the county as it has the popular I-65 that runs through most of the town as well as the U.S. Route 30

However to find a quality off-road shop you’ll need to travel outside the city limits.

When you’re ready for a lift kit or some aftermarket rims and tires give us a call.

Or take a short drive down I-80 and visit our showroom to browse around.

We love our Indiana customers. We’ve gotten some of our best Google reviews from Hoosiers!

Thank you in advance for checking us out. We look forward to serving you soon!

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